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    Things To Know About Taking A Pregnancy Test At Home

    Written on 11 July 2022

    Nothing can beat the moment when you look at a pregnancy test result and find out you are pregnant. Well, this may be a pleasant surprise to women who are expecting and it can also be a pleasant shock for those who were not expecting or trying. Whichever scenario a person is in, they always feel more comfortable when the whole process happens at their safety nest- their home. The joy and celebration between you and your partner are always the most intimate and private at your home. So if you are wondering ‘how we can check pregnancy at home’, then no worries we got you!

    Steps to take while taking a pregnancy test at home

    Taking a pregnancy test at home may seem simple. Because all you really have to do is buy a testing kit and follow the procedure right? Well, a pregnancy test at home needs more preparation than that. After missing your period or having unprotected intercourse it is normal to worry and be curious about ‘how check pregnancy test’. Fortunately, we are providing the steps you should follow if you are questioning how to check pregnancy at home:

    • Have a deep discussion

    This is an important step before you take the pregnancy test. Sit down with your spouse and discuss your feelings with each other. This will help you determine your course of action irrespective of the results. This can also help you be more prepared for the outcome. This is a crucial step since it increases your connection with your partner and eases feelings of anxiety or an overwhelmed state.

    • Collect the supplies

    There are some basic things that you will require as an answer to how to check pregnancy. The most essential one is the home pregnancy kit. Always make sure to buy the kit from a reputable brand. Another important factor is to see the expiry date on the test. If it is expired then it may give you wrong results which can lead to a lot of unpleasant feelings. Make sure you at least buy two different pregnancy kits to be completely sure of the result. Other than a pregnancy test kit, you may need things like a clean container, a flat surface and a device where you can keep track of the timings.

    • Taking the test

    This can be the scary part but the right course of action can get you through the process swiftly. Start by thoroughly reading the instructions printed on the pregnancy kit. Some kits require you to directly pee onto an absorbent section of the test stick. On the other hand, some brands provide pieces of equipment like a container and a dropper to avoid directly peeing. Don’t forget the time tracker of peeing onto the stick or the number of urine drops to be dropped onto the stick. It is important to use the midstream urine rather than the initial one because they provide more accurate results. Once the urine discharge on the stick is completed, place the stick on a flat surface.

    • Check the results

    Wait according to the time mentioned in the pregnancy kit instruction for accurate results. Once that time frame has passed, check the test kit stick for the results. The most common way of the results is line formation in a tiny box. One line indicates ‘not pregnant’ while two lines indicate ‘pregnant’. There are several different methods of the visibility of these results.

    Some may use colours to denote the test while some pregnancies test show the words ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ outright. It is important to read the description and instructions provided on your test to determine how you will see those results. Another significant factor is checking the control window provided on the test stick. This window forms a line, colour or any shape to show that a pregnancy kit is working. If there are no changes in this window, then it is highly likely that the kit is damaged, invalid or expired.


    After following these steps in the guide of ‘how to check pregnancy in home’, you will certainly have a result in your hands. If the result is negative yet you still find your menstrual cycle missing then it may be the time to take another pregnancy test at home. You can also book an appointment with an OBGYN to get full-proof results rather than wondering how to check pregnancy test. We hope you get the news you are hoping for!


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