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    Top 5 Best Ways to Lessen Hair Fall Post Pregnancy

    Written on 2 August 2022

    This is the shortest yet scariest horror story that no lady wants to hear. However, many women cannot manage their hair fall and are locked in a cycle of attempting numerous methods to stop it. Having a clear idea of what is typical and what is out of the ordinary regarding hair loss is vital. Our hair sheds roughly 100 strands daily, but anything more than that is excessive and problematic.

    A large portion of our identity and appearance is based on our hair. It gives us more self-assurance and reflects our style in numerous aspects. Self-esteem and self-confidence are lost when a person loses their hair. Because of this, the question of 'How can you stop hair loss?' must be answered. One of the ways is to stay hydrated, of course. However, another way is to use onion hair care oil to ensure that your hair doesn't face the wrath post pregnancy.

    Traditional hair loss therapies and home cures have failed to answer the question of "how to control hair fall?" Ladies, don't worry about it! This is where you will find all the solutions you seek. Let's get to the bottom of this problem and discover the most effective ways to stop hair loss.

    5 Best Ways to Lessen Hair Fall Post Pregnancy

    A Nutritious Diet

    Because you will be breastfeeding your child for the first few years, a well-balanced diet is critical to their health. Your hair's health will improve if you eat a diet rich in dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and other fresh fruits and vegetables. Omega 3 fatty acid pills are an excellent alternative if you don't consume seafood. What you eat impacts the appearance of your hair and skin.

    A Comb With Large Teeth

    If you're not careful, detangling your hair after a shower may quickly become a nightmare. When wet, hair is at its weakest and is more prone to tangling and shedding. It is best to use a hair fall control shampoo before combing your hair. You can begin detangling your hair by using a nourishing serum just after you get out of the shower. Using a wide-tooth comb, work your way from the bottom to the top of the hair. This will lessen the tugging and hair fall because of the opposite direction of pull.

    Dry Your Hair The Right Way

    After a shower, hair loss is at its peak. Our hair's quality is also influenced by the method we use to dry it. Even while blow-drying will make your hair look bouncy and lovely, we can't disregard the damage that it causes. Use a cotton towel to dry your hair and pat it with the least amount of pressure possible, then let it air-dry. Because it does no damage to your hair, air-drying is the best method for preventing hair loss and making it more resistant to breakage. It's best to avoid blow drying your hair all the time.

    Silky Soft Pillowcases

    Breakage induced by friction is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Because most women use cotton pillowcases, hair and fabric get into contact. Using a satin pillowcase can help prevent hair loss by reducing the amount of friction that causes hair to break.

    Use The Right Hair Care Products

    Using the right kind of products for your hair is extremely important because bad products can damage your hair and do more harm than good. Onion is a great ingredient that can help lessen your hair fall and strengthen your hair's roots. Mylo's onion oil hair care kit can work wonders for your hair, and you can see the results soon.


    The period post-pregnancy can be challenging for women as far as their physical appearances are concerned. Hence, researching the right products and adding them to your cart can be an excellent way to start your hair care journey. Onion oil for hair growth is a brilliant option for women experiencing slow hair growth. So go ahead, and get some good products for your hair.


    How to Reduce Hair fall Post Pregnancy

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