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    7 Tips to Help Your Toddler Transition From Potty to Toilet

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    7 Tips to Help Your Toddler Transition From Potty to Toilet

    Updated on 5 January 2023

    Once you have crossed the hurdle of potty training your baby, you can probably relax for a while until your toddler starts showing signs that they are ready to take the next leap, that is, do poop and pee the adult way! Even if your child does not show signs, it becomes important for you to transition your toddler from potty to toilet as they grow a little older. This is because they have a preschool to attend, traveling and running errands becomes easier, and of course, your job of cleaning the mess reduces!

    So, what are the signs that your child is ready to transition from potty to toilet?

    Signs of Readiness for Toilet Training

    Here are some signs that your toddler may show when they're ready to transition from potty to toilet:

    • Can use the potty at the same time every day
    • Can pull down their pants or undress by themselves
    • Can climb the steps to the potty seat
    • Can walk on their own
    • Can sit down in the same position quietly for 2-5 minutes

    These are signs of readiness that indicate your child might be physically ready to graduate from potty to toilet. But being physically prepared is only the first part: overcoming the emotional hurdle is the real challenge.

    How to help your toddler transition from potty to toilet?

    So, how exactly should you teach your baby to ditch their favorite potty seat and move to the toilet? Here are a few steps to help you from the beginning until the end:

    1. Take it slow

    You don't have to master the transition in a day. Take it slow and wait for your baby to pick up. If your child is habituated to using the potty seat in spaces other than bathrooms, you need to take this process to the bathroom first. Once your baby is used to using the potty chair in the bathroom, you can slowly start teaching them how to sit and use the toilet seat.

    2. If you don't show, how will they know?

    Toilet training becomes easier when you come out as an example to your kids. Teach both girls and boys to use the toilet in a sitting fashion. Show them how to remove their pants, sit on the seat, wipe, flush, and then wash their hands. After mastering how to defecate sitting down, boys can learn how to pee standing up.

    3. Follow a routine

    Sit your toddler on the toilet at the same time every day, such as after dinner or before bed. The routine of going to the toilet at the proper time will aid them even if they don't go.

    4. Read toilet-training books

    There are many books available that talk about how interesting characters pee and poop! Learning through fun and books has a better impact on children.

    5. Let your toddler decide

    Let your toddler determine when they are ready to graduate from potty chair to toilet. Allowing your toddler to pick between the potty chair and the big toilet is a terrific approach to offer them more control over their potty training.

    6. Make the toilet kid-friendly

    Your toddler may struggle to use the toilet since it is often larger and higher than the potty seat they are used to. Get a step stool to put in front of the toilet. This will make it easier for your baby to get on the potty.

    7. Reward them

    Toilet training can be difficult for toddlers. Support, affection, and stickers can help children make the huge jump to using a grown-up toilet. A toilet training chart can help. Give them a sticker for every potty visit. If they have older siblings, encourage them to congratulate their younger siblings whenever they use the bathroom.

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