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    Time for a Diaper Change, Daddy! Here’s What You Can Do

    Written on 20 July 2021

    More questions will start cropping up in your mind as the due date comes closer. Most to-be-dads ask themselves whether he will be a good father or how he will manage the finances. It is normal for new fathers to have these doubts and concerns about raising a child. The good news is that it gets easier when you spend more time with your kids.

    One of the first things you must learn as a father is to change your baby’s diapers. Although you might think that your spouse can do it naturally, do not forget that she learned it from somewhere. You will require some time to get used to it, but it will evolve once you perform it a few times.

    How to Change Baby’s Diapers?

    Follow the steps and safely change your baby’s diapers.

    Get All Your Gear on Hand

    Whenever you try changing your baby’s diaper for the first time, you might whiff of something pungent. You would need to change your baby’s diaper often if they pooped into it. Take up the task step by step, especially when you are not used to changing the diapers. Keep wet wipes, fresh diapers, warm water, clothes, cotton balls, and diaper cream handy before you prepare to change the diapers.

    Lie Your Baby on the back

    Now lie your baby on their back on the changing table. Take off the straps from the side of the diapers and unroll the front of the diaper down. Place a hand on your baby so that they do not move. Remember not to leave your baby alone while changing the diaper.

    Place a Clean Diaper before removing the Dirty One

    Before you start cleaning up, put a clean diaper underneath your baby. It is hard to predict if your baby relieves themselves when you are in the process. While changing the diaper, try distracting your baby by singing and talking to your baby. You can also place a cloth in the private areas for your little son if he decides to go.

    Wipe from Front to Back

    Now is the time to clean up. Take a wet wipe or a washcloth and clean your little one’s groin from front to back. It minimizes the chance of your baby having a UTI. While cleaning a newborn, you might clean up meconium or your newborn’s poop, which is different from the older ones. Remember to clean the area with a washcloth and warm water.

    Dry your Baby

    Using a dry cloth, wipe down your baby after completely cleaning the areas. Keeping your baby dry is essential to prevent diaper rash. Also, it is important to dry off before you apply the diaper cream. Remember to apply the cream lightly.

    Seal the Fresh Diaper

    After cleaning and drying your baby, it is time to seal the clean and fresh diaper. With a hand, lift the baby’s legs and pull the front of the diaper between the legs. Now lower your baby’s legs and place the straps down and close the diaper securely.

    Throw Away the Dirty One

    Roll the dirty diaper, seal it with a Velcro strap, and throw it away in a small, closed, nappy bag. After the disposal, wash your hands.

    Now you successfully changed your baby’s diaper. With more and more practice, you are sure to become a pro in it. Surely, you will be a great father.

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