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      Things You Need to Know About Potty Training Seats

      Potty Training

      Things You Need to Know About Potty Training Seats

      Updated on 31 August 2023

      As your toddler starts showing signs of readiness for potty training, you may start to wonder how to use baby potty seat, which type of potty seat to buy and most importantly how to train your child. With so many different kinds of potty seats available in the market, the task of picking the right one for your toddler can be arduous. In this article, we will learn the types of potty training seats available and expert tips to help you potty train your child.

      Types of Potty Training Seats

      There are two major types of potty training seats and depending on the needs and interests of your child, you can choose the right one.

      Stand-alone Potty Seat

      Stand-alone potty seats are like small chairs with a hole and a removable pot for cleaning. If your toddler is just starting out with potty training, then a stand-alone potty seat is extremely stable and easy to use. It won’t require your child to climb or flush. Additionally, these potty seats are portable and can be moved easily and suitable for travelling as well.

      While these potty seats reduce the tasks your toddler needs to learn, they may increase your work. You will have to empty and clean these potty seats after every use.

      Toilet Adapter Potty Seat

      Toilet adapter seats, also called toilet seat reduces, fit over the normal toilet seat and make it smaller. These adapter potty seats are ideal for preschoolers who are ready to transition to the big toilet. Kids require a step stool to climb to the seat and can flush away the waste instantly. The only downside to these potty seats is that they might be difficult to use in the early potty training stages.

      Expert Advice on Choosing the Best Potty Training Seat

      Here are some expert tips to help you make the best decision for your toddler and potty train them successfully:

      Give Your Child Independence

      Potty training your child is all about making them independent. You should strive to create a casual attitude in order to boost your child’s independence. This means you should choose a potty seat that they can use by themselves without your assistance each time. You should show them how to use baby potty seat and then let them use it with some supervision.

      There Isn’t One Perfect Potty Seat

      There is no perfect potty training seat. You have to try and see what works best for your child. Whether it’s a stand-alone seat or an adapter potty seat, observe which one makes your child most interested and comfortable. Eventually, your toddler will transition to the big toilet and this potty training phase is just a stepping stone.

      Ease of Doing Things

      As a mother, you need to make potty training easy and stable for your child. A seat or training process that is too complicated or requires your help throughout is not a sustainable one. You can use a stool or a step to help your child climb up, support their feet when sitting on the potty seat and reach the sink to wash their hands. The ultimate goal is to enable your child to go to the bathroom alone and not ask you to drop everything each time they have to go.

      Better to Switch Than to Push

      Instead of pushing your toddler to stick to a potty seat that may not be working out for them, switch to a potty seat that might. It’s okay to start with a basic potty seat and then transition to a more complex one once your child is ready. Your goal should be to make potty training an empowering process rather than a stressful experience.

      Choose Together

      You and your child will be spending the most time working with the potty seat then why not choose it together? Explain how the potty seat will work and then allow your kid to share his/her inputs on which seat they like the best. This will make engage them in the process from the start and this excitement can help make the potty training process easier for you both.

      Final Thoughts

      Choosing the right potty seat for your little one can be difficult. Consequently, it is important for you to make your decision based on what is suitable for your child rather than picking one and hoping they would like it. Make an informed decision together on how to use baby potty seat to make the potty training process easier.

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