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    5 Tips on How to Get Pregnant When You Are Fat


    5 Tips on How to Get Pregnant When You Are Fat

    Updated on 29 August 2023

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    Now that the initial butterflies of married life are settled, you and your partner have started to dream about having a baby. If you have tried together for months and still fail to see the second line on the pregnancy test, the patience seems to wither. Your overweight might be the reason for delayed conception. Yes, that’s true, although it might seem vague at first glance. Still, obesity is linked to fertility problems because overweight pregnancy is an issue and causes irregular ovulation, and conception gets delayed. Also, excessive fat creates an imbalance in the reproductive hormones, making it harder for you to get pregnant.

    According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), over 70% of women experiencing weight-related infertility can conceive without fertility treatments if they lose weight to a healthier range. The weight can be brought to normal levels by following a healthy lifestyle and including physical activity. However, if the increase in weight is due to an underlying medical condition like a thyroid problem, you must consult a specialist to manage the issue.

    How does being overweight impact your ability to become pregnant?

    Being overweight or obese is one of the common causes of trouble in conception. One question which kept ringing in my head is that can my belly fat affect my pregnancy. Yes, reason being irregular ovulation hampers the chances of getting pregnant. Under normal circumstances, ovaries produce a hormone called estrogen. However, fat cells also produce estrogen, and if the fat cells are more than the level of hormone estrogen rises. The extra estrogen is responsible for irregular or no ovulation, which also happens when you take birth control pills or are pregnant (as in both conditions, there is an increase in estrogen).

    Although there are advanced fertility treatments available, the research shows that obesity can reduce the chances of conception even with assisted reproductive technologies like IVF. Therefore, it is best advised to discuss with your doctor regarding how to achieve a healthy weight that aligns with your pregnancy goals.

    Does it matter whether you have centralized obesity or overall obesity and how does belly fat affect pregnancy?

    Centralized obesity means you have more weight around the abdomen and is more associated with ovulation troubles and diabetes which can hamper your chances of getting pregnant. You might be wondering if you have central obesity, the best way is to examine your body shape, and if it is apple-shaped, then it means that most of your fat cells are concentrated around the belly region.

    As per the latest research, people with proportionate weight distribution or more weight in their lower extremities or butt region are at a reduced risk. People with more weight in their lower region might be genetically susceptible to gaining weight, while central obesity is often the outcome of an unhealthy lifestyle.

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    What is a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) to conceive?

    BMI is the most accurate measurement used by doctors to know whether you are obese or overweight. The index is measured using your body weight and height, and a BMI between 25 to 30 is considered overweight, whereas a BMI of more than 30 is considered obese.

    When a couple is trying for conception, the ideal target BMI should be below 25; however, the healthiest BMI may vary for different individuals. There is a possibility that a woman with an ideal BMI may have a hormonal imbalance that is responsible for irregular ovulation. In contrast, in another case, someone may fall in the obese group as per BMI range but can still ovulate regularly and have a higher chance of becoming pregnant.

    How to lose weight in a healthy way to increase your chances of becoming pregnant?

    The best way is to focus on developing healthy eating habits and improving your overall lifestyle if you are trying to lose weight healthily. A strict no against all the fad diets as they are not healthy and might deprive you of essential nutritional requirements. The below-mentioned 5 tips will ensure that you healthily lose weight and can plan your parenthood journey:

    1. Modify your diet to a healthy one

    Always remain conscious of what you are eating every day and make the following changes:

    • Prefer to consume whole and natural food items.

    • Remain aware of the food labels and count the calories you are consuming.

    • Remove raw sugars and processed food from your diet.

    • Consume a protein-rich diet that makes you feel fuller for longer.

    • Prefer to eat complex carbohydrates from whole grains, beans, and veggies.

    2. Engage in the physical workout of your choice

    You can achieve healthy weight goals through healthy eating habits and physical workouts. You can indulge in at least one physical activity that you enjoy, like walking, swimming, dancing, Zumba, or yoga. After gaining momentum, you can initiate your exercise routine, including a warm-up session, a conditioning phase, and a cool-down phase.

    3. Don’t stress yourself

    Stress only releases chemicals that make it difficult for you to lose weight. Therefore, keep your stress levels low and focus entirely on healthy living. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many goals and unrealistic plans; take one step at a time. Take time out for yoga, meditation, and deep breathing to reduce stress levels.

    4. Ask for help if and when required

    Making healthy lifestyle modifications and weight loss plans can be hard, and you can have a smooth journey by asking for professional help. You can also talk to your doctor or nutritionist to help you to plan healthy meals and schedule a workout that is easy to follow.

    5. Keep track of your ovulation

    You can know when you are ovulating with the help of available ovulation kits or can also calculate if you have a regular menstrual cycle. Another way to know about your ovulation is by checking your Basal Body temperature and maintaining a record in a journal. These methods will help you know your current ovulation status so that with lifestyle modification and medications, you can reach your desired goals with lifestyle modification and medications.


    It is well known that one’s chances of getting pregnant are reduced when they are fat and obese due to fluctuating hormones. This article provided tips on how one can get pregnant when they are overweight. Always remembers ladies that Winners never Quit, and Quitters never Win.”


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    Medically Reviewed by

    Dr. Vani Puri

    Obstetrician- Gynecologist, Infertility Specialist - MBBS| DGO, DNB

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