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    How Safe It Is for Your Baby to Sleep With a Toy?

    Baby Sleep Management

    How Safe It Is for Your Baby to Sleep With a Toy?

    Updated on 17 May 2023

    Expert Verified

    Dr. Sameer Awadhiya

    Dr Sameer has more than 10 Years of Experience as a specialist and more than 19 years of total experience - MBBS| DCH, DNB

    Do you have that one toy you would never want to be separated with ever? The same happens to your child, he loves his favourite buddies so much that he wouldn’t want to leave them alone even in the bed. Also, you as a mother would love someone to accompany your infant in a crib or cot while sleeping, and what can be better than cosy and soft stuffy? But no! Not always. Read on to grab the ins and outs.

    Age appropriation

    The evils of keeping soft toys around your sleeping new-born will overshadow its benefits, so you should not keep any until the baby is at least 7 months old. But his first birthday is the safest to make him sleep with a toy. Still don’t overdo it and make him sleep with only one or two toys in his crib or cot to avoid any kind of suffocation accidents also to give him enough space to sleep.

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    Benefits of Sleeping With the Toys

    1. Toy teacher

    Before sleep time or even during, your baby push, pull, or hold the toy which improves his motor skills and his reflexes go better. But make sure the toy he is sleeping with is only a soft plush toy.

    1. Mum’s easy replacement

    Try to make out which soft toy your baby is more inclined towards. Show the baby how much you love that huggable sweet thing kissing, or holding it. This way your kid will connect to it better even in your absence.

    1. Best co-sleeper

    Your baby gets affectionate quickly for a cuddly toy in no time. He would not want to go out to play, on a trip, or even for a short walk without it. Hence bedtime is no different and this toy will make him sleep and relaxed in a flash.

    1. Top motivator

    If your baby has found his perfect buddy, your life is much sorted. You can always take this toy’s help to motivate him to do more. Be it another lap of walking, an additional spoon of his food, or faster moves to the bed at night.

    5. Emotional Bonding

    Sleeping with a toy can promote emotional bonding between the baby and the toy, as well as potentially with caregivers. This bond can foster a sense of companionship, which may contribute to a more positive sleep experience for the baby.

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    6. Stimulation and Learning

    Depending on the type of toy, it can provide sensory stimulation and promote cognitive development. Soft toys with different textures, colors, or sounds can engage a baby's senses and contribute to their overall sensory exploration and learning.

    7. Transitional Object

    A toy can act as a transitional object, helping babies to develop self-soothing skills and gradually become more independent sleepers. They can form an attachment to the toy, which can provide reassurance and comfort during the night.

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    Word of caution

    It’s not advisable at all to make your infant less than 7 months, co-sleep with the toys. They may cover the baby’s nose and mouth and suffocate him to death. This can be a cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which is also known as “Cot death”. The exact root cause of SIDS is still unexplainable yet having soft, and furry toys around your new-born can be considered as one.

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    Dr. Sameer Awadhiya

    Dr Sameer has more than 10 Years of Experience as a specialist and more than 19 years of total experience - MBBS| DCH, DNB

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