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    Working Parent

    Here are some working-moms tested tips on how to manage work and effortlessly fit in quality time with your kids. 

    Written on 16 August 2018

    As compared to our mothers and grandmothers, our generation has many more women at the workplace. Most working moms hardly find a minute of rest because they are too busy dealing with the everyday challenges of their personal and professional lives. On one hand, you are super excited to join back your office and on the other hand, you might feel sad and guilty about leaving your baby in someone else’s care. In today’s advanced world the joint family system is not that popular and that creates new challenges for a working mother. To keep your sanity in place here are some simple and smart strategies for balancing work and baby:

    • Throw out the guilt- It can be heartbreaking for the first time to leave your wailing baby at home while stepping out for work. Think of the bigger picture and do not give up on your career goals. Be confident that you are making the right decision and don’t worry about people who judge you.

    • Ensure excellent childcare- If you are lucky enough to get a daycare facility at the office then it's appreciable. To get rid of that mommy guilt you can find childcare for your little one be it a creche, daycare facility, live-in maids, part-time maid, or a nanny. You can freely concentrate on your work when you leave your child with his/her grandparents because they can always keep an eye on the little one and the maid. You must install a CCTV camera in your house and always be in touch with your maid and ask for updates.

    • Get the support you need at work- Being a working mother does not mean that you will be a less productive employee but to face some challenges you must maintain open communication with your HR team. You can ask for flexible work hours and negotiate some work from home days if possible. Do not hesitate to ask your manager about places where you can comfortably pump breastmilk and store it safely in the refrigerator. Instead of taking a day off from the office, you must opt for work from home if you are working as a full-time employee in a multinational company.

    • Preparation at night- In case both spouses are working you must prepare everything the night before to avoid the morning mad rush the next day. You can do half preparation for the next day's meals like cutting vegetables, boiling milk, kneading of the dough, etc. You can iron work clothes, prepare office and school bags, prepare the diaper bag of your baby and you can also order groceries and essentials if you are running low on stock through an app. You must opt for cashless deliveries and don’t forget to text the details of ordered items to the person who will be receiving them the next day.

    • Simplify meals- If you are investing too much time in preparing complicated meals on the weekdays then it will be tough for you to focus on your baby and the career goals. Maximize playtime with your munchkin by minimizing meal preparation time. You can get a nutritious dinner for your little one by preparing healthy finger foods, crumbled-up hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, purees of fruits and vegetables.

    • Make a network of strong contacts- Stay connected with your peers and colleagues and do not hesitate to ask for help or advice from other working mothers in your office. If you have got an unsettled baby then do not hang back to ask support from your office for a flexible work schedule.

    • Learn how to say NO- If you are expecting too much productivity from the start then it’s slightly difficult. You can avoid unnecessary social events, avoid wasting your time on scrolling social media, or investing time watching mindless tv shows.

    • Reserve your weekends for home and family- Plan a weekend outing with your spouse, close friends, or family. If you both are tired and don’t want to step outside then you can share a cup of coffee by sitting in your gallery and wearing comfortable pajamas.

    • Get help- Do not try to do everything all by yourself when you can get help for gardening, cooking, cleaning, and ironing. If a reliable family member can take care of your baby for an hour or so then you can take a power nap at noon on the weekend.

    • Reduce distractions and time-wasters- Limit long lunch breaks and be mindful if you’re

    • spending too much time socializing with friends or co-workers.

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