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    Potty Training

    Here are a few effective tips on how to potty train your twins? 

    Written on 7 November 2017

    There is no doubt that one can never forget that golden moment when you came to know that you’re going to have twins. Although welcoming twin babies in your life can double the happiness of being parents but at the same time, it can be exhausting for the parents when it comes to raising them together. For the parents, giving potty training to their twins can be a daunting task to accomplish. To make it easier and more convenient on your part you need to be more patient because this skill requires ample time and energy. Potty training your twins is a milestone and you can easily train your babies by below-mentioned tips:

    • PREPARE YOUR KIDS- If your twins are not ready for the physical changes then you can prepare them mentally for the coming changes. You can get them new colorful books of their favorite cartoon characters wearing underpants. You can also show them potty training cartoon videos on smartphones or tablets. To prepare your children for the upcoming potty-training session you can take them on a shopping trip to buy colorful potty seats and underpants. Always remember that kids don’t like to share their things and you don’t have to be miser so consider investing in 2 potty seats. Identical potty seats will save you from unnecessary chaos and trouble.

    • LOOK FOR SIGNS OF READINESS- Depending on the child the process of potty training can be started when your babies turn 18 months old or as late as 3 years old. There is no need to force your kids if they don’t show any signs of readiness. You must positively introduce this new habit. You must keep an eye on the diapers of your babies because if they are not wetting them for a longer duration then you must take them on their occasional washroom trip. Some signs of readiness include hiding in a private place when they urge to pee or poop, getting uncomfortable with their soiled diapers, imitating other family members, and their habit of regularly using the washroom. You must always remember that your twins may not be ready at the same time and you must evaluate your twins individually.

    • DRESS THEM APPROPRIATELY- If you’re planning to begin potty training for the kids as soon as they turn 18 months old then you must dress them appropriately. Dressing your kids in clothes that are too fancy and make them uncomfortable to pull down on their own is strictly not recommended. You must dress up your kids in simple, comfortable, and lesser clothes during the process of potty training. Dress them in such clothes that they can easily pull down in case of emergency or when you’re not around. This also results in lesser soiled clothes for washing.

    • MAKE SIMILAR SCHEDULE FOR YOUR KIDS- While raising twins you must make sure that every activity of your kids is in synchronization for instance sleeping, feeding, playing time, bathing or pooping. If you’re offering milk to your kids in the morning and training them to use the washroom after that it is obvious that both the kids will get inspired from each other and will prepare their minds accordingly. Gradually both the kids will get into this habit and will become consistent.

    • CHOOSE YOUR TIME WISELY- You have to function according to the requirement of your kids and it completely depends on the readiness of the children. Be flexible and always remember that training your twins for potty doesn’t have to meet any deadline. You have to take care of their mood, changes in their daily routines. Don’t try to put pressure on your children if there is a family function approaching or you’re planning to go on a vacation. You may also have to try different approaches for your children because there is no hard and fast rule that any one approach will work for both the kids.

    • SEEK EXPERT ADVICE IF NEEDED- if you have been trying for more than a week or 10 days and getting unsuccessful results then you must consult the pediatrician. The doctor will check both the kids whether the children are suffering from any medical condition like constipation or not. You can seek your doctor’s advice if any issue persists.

    • OFFER REWARDS AND BE PREPARED FOR THE MESS AS WELL- Don't be partial towards anyone and do not demean the kid who is making slower progress. If your kids love competition then you can always reward them for their great efforts and progress. Get ready to deal with the mess and try to stay calm because there will be several accidents and setbacks during the process.

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