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      8 Holi Dishes That Will Add Flavour to Your Holi Party


      8 Holi Dishes That Will Add Flavour to Your Holi Party

      Updated on 28 February 2023

      The festival of Holi is like a grand carnival when the sky and streets are painted alike with vibrant colours and peals of laughter. People come together to play with colours and feast on mouth-watering delicacies and refreshing summer drinks. And this is the perfect time to prepare and relish Holi sweets and savouries.

      In this article, we will bring you eight delectable Holi dishes that will add colour to your plate and palette.

      8 Lip-Smacking Holi Dishes You Must Try

      Holi celebrations are incomplete without Holi sweets and snacks. So, here are eight Holi dishes you must try on this year’s colour carnival:

      1. Gujiyas

      From mawa gujiyas to kesar gujiyas to chocolate gujiyas, there is just so much variety for you to devour. And let’s be honest, these sweet, glazed, stuffed and deep-fried dumplings are so scrumptious and finger-licking good that you just cannot celebrate Holi without gujiyas. So, before you get busy splashing colours around, do stuff a gujiya or two in your belly.

      2. Malpua

      This traditional Indian dessert is a common sight around Holi in many homes. Available in varieties of ragi malpua, rabdi malpua, paneer malpua and much more, malpuas are a must-eat Holi dish. Although malpuas look crispy on the outside, they are so soft that they nearly melt inside the mouth. So, if you’re drooling already, then it’s time to bring home some malpuas.

      3. Ras Malai

      As the mercury begins to soar around Holi, what can be better than a chilled Ras Malai. Enriched with milk, cream, cardamom, dry fruits and saffron, these sweet dough balls are among the most popular Holi sweets. So, don’t miss out on Ras Malai this Holi.

      4. Pakoras

      Enough with Holi sweets, how about some savouries to balance all the sweetness? And what’s better than an assortment of pakoras- paneer pakoras, aloo pakoras, pyaaz pakoras, palak pakoras and mirchi pakoras. These salty and deep-fried Holi dishes will add some salt and crunch to your mouth.

      5. Sev Puri

      As you stroll from street to street, finding new people to throw colours on, how about a quick serving of sev puri? The crunchy puri relished with finely chopped onions, chillies, tomatoes and chutneys of coriander and imli is sure to lift your spirits and palette. As Holi adds colour to your life, sev puri will add colour to your plate.

      6. Papri Chaat

      Another snack you can gobble this Holi is papri chaat. It’s just like sev puri without the sev but with lots of sweetened curd. You can also garnish it with pomegranates, paneer cubes and fresh coriander. So, whatever your plans are for this Holi, don’t forget to enjoy a lip-smacking papri chaat.

      7. Panchrang Pulao

      Once all the colours are done and dusted, enjoy your Holi lunch with a panchrang pulao. Enriched with the flavours of all the Indian spices you can find in the cookbook, this pulao is a must-have on your Holi dishes list. Savour this panchrang pulao with raita and salan to add more flavour and colour to your Holi.

      8. Thandai

      To double the fun and flavour of Holi, do sip on a delectable thandai. Its instant cooling effect, irresistible flavour and eye-pleasing appeal are sure to add to your Holi celebrations. Available in different flavours- rose, saffron, almond, mango and more, thandai is an inseparable part of Holi celebrations across the country.

      Final Thoughts

      As the country becomes a kaleidoscope of colours on Holi, do try these scrumptious Holi sweets and snacks wherever you are. After all, Holi is all about spreading colours in your neighbourhood and your plate!

      Happy Holi from MyloFamily to your Family!

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