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    Girl baby Names in Tamil

    Written on 20 July 2022

    Searching for a nice baby name over internet or from books is not only tedious but confusing too. The best way is to have a checklist in hand that can specify your choices. Like, if you are considering girl baby names in Tamil for your beloved daughter, then you can jot down if you prefer to have a traditional well- meant name, or a name that connects to the nature or else it could simply be a trending girl baby name in Tamil. Such checklist works as a ready reckoner and makes your name finding task not only simpler but quicker too than usual.

    Name Meaning
    Thiya Gift of God
    Sara Princess; Queen; Pure; Lady
    Thara Wealth; Star; Wife of Baali
    Sri Radiance; Diffusing Light
    Moshika Princess
    Riya Graceful; Singer; One who Sings
    Thikshitha Beauty in World
    Sastika Lord Murugan
    Sana Prayer; Resplendence; Brilliance
    Tanvi God as Beauty; Delicate
    Sai Friend; Flower; Natural
    Neha Beautiful Eyes; Love
    Diya Lamp; Light; Dazzling Personality
    Thanvi Great; Grace; Beauty
    Varnika Pure Gold; Beautifully Coloured
    Thanya Beautiful Eyes; Sensitive
    Liya Beautiful; Intelligent; Ambitious
    Tharika Starlet; Beauty; Love; Affection
    Jasika Warrior; Rich; God's Grace
    Anu Atom; Silence; Favour; Grace
    Pooja Worship; Flower; Pray Flower
    Srinika Goddess Lakshmi; Lotus
    Thiksha Bright
    Thaswika Goddess Parvati , Lakshmi
    Pavisha Future
    Sanvi Beauty; Goddess Laxmi; Fact
    Kayal Name of a Fish; Lovely Eyes; With …
    Thiyashni Shining Light
    Tanvika Beautiful Person; Goddess Durga
    Mohitha Angel of God; Infatuated
    Paviska Simple
    Sashtika Lord Murugan
    Tanya Of the Family; Fairy Princess
    Kanishka Gold; Daughter of King Kanishq
    Kaira Sweet; Peaceful; Pure; Unique
    Vihana Early Morning; Ray of Sun; Goddess
    Vishalini God Murugan; Goddess Saraswati
    Dhiya Lamp; Give a Light; Light
    Mokshita Salvation; Final Destiny of God
    Kirti Fame; Glory; Reputation
    Kirthiksha Goddess Parvathi Granted
    Pavi Lightning; Write; Holy; Pure
    Saisha Devotional; Truth of Life; Jewel
    Janu Sweet Heart; Loved One
    Taniska Goddess of Gold or Angel
    Thanu Beautiful; Brightness
    Monasri Beautiful Mind; Silent
    Thishika Gift of God; Powerful; Brightness
    Saira A Bird; Princess
    Shanvi Sun; Glowing; Attractive
    Hasini Happy; Joyful; An Atom; Pretty;
    Mokshitha Free; Attaining Moksham; Goddess
    Reya Queen; Angel; Graceful; Singer
    Varsha Rain; Shower
    Harsha Joy; Delight; Happiness; Golden
    Thanvika Goddess Durga
    Kanya Woman with Youth; Daughter;
    Thanyaa Goddess Lakshmi
    Varsa Rain; Monsoon
    Kavya Poem; Poetry in Motion; A Poetic
    Yashika Success; Famous; Glory
    Tara Star; Hill; Tower; Crag
    Kanisha One with Beautiful Eyes; Diamond
    Jashika Loveable; Cute; Life is Beautiful
    Mokshika To Find Good Soul
    Thansika Princess; The Little Angel
    Thaniska Goddess of Angel / Gold
    Mosika God Gift in Earth
    Kirishika Have Love and Kindness
    Meha Intelligent; Rain; Sharp; Cloud
    Hanvika Goddess Lakshmi / Sarasvati; Gold
    Hanika Swan; Graceful like Swan
    Paviksha Divine; Goddess of Beauty
    Puviksha Mother of Earth
    Harini Beautiful like Deer
    Abi Goddess of Saraswati
    Athira A Full Moon Night; A Star
    Kirthvi Creation of God
    Kayra Princess; Unique; Blessing of God
    Pooja Prayer; Worship; Devoted to God
    Ammu Happiness; The Pure; Innocent
    Mohita Attracted; Impressing
    Paa Flower
    Thansi The Princess
    Kasni Flower
    Thiyashini Light
    Kani Sound; Beautiful Girl
    Monika A Wise Counsellor; Solitary
    Teju Glow; Bright; Full of Light
    Tarika Starlet; Belonging to the Stars
    Mohisha Intellect; Sweet
    Kaasmika Lotus
    Mahi Earth; The World; Great Earth
    Sriya Goddess Laxmi; Prosperity
    Srisha Flower; Divine Light; Goddess
    Madhu Honey; Sweet; Beauty Girl; Sharp
    Yadvi Queen; Goddess Durga
    Kavi Poem; Poet; A Wise Person
    Hananya Blessful
    Heshika Goddess Lakshmi
    Tharsika Happy
    Aadya One who is always First / Best
    Navya Novel; New; Worth Praising; Young
    Disha Direction; Princess of the Family
    Pragya Wisdom; Intelligence; Calm
    Parnika Small Leaf; Goddess Parvati
    Laya Musical Rhythm; Feelings of Love
    Kaasni Flower
    Mitra Friend; God of Daylight
    Kaarunya Compassionate; Goddess Lakshmi
    Shashtika Lord Murugan
    Thiyana Happiness; Joy; Concentration
    Adya Unparalleled; 1st Preference; Good
    Anya Inexhaustible; Gracious; Graceful
    Tania Fairy Princess / Queen; A Fairy
    Daksha The Earth; The Skilled One
    Tiya A Bird; Parrot; Beautiful
    Latika Tendril; Climber Delicate Tree
    Laksha Aim; White Rose
    Kiranya Rays of Light
    Rudvika Lord Shiva; Holy Life; Prosperity
    Mithra Friendly; Friend; God of Sun; Cute
    Yadvika Unique
    Venba Related to Thirukural
    Thananya Goddess Lakshmi; Wealth
    Monisri One with Beautiful Mind
    Dhanvi Money - Wealth
    Taanvi Prosperity; Delicate One; Love
    Saara Good; Best Star; Nobel Princess
    Adhira Lightning; Jasmine; Success
    Kee Glory
    Thaanvi Cold Moon
    Thanika Turmeric
    Puvisha Extraordinary Person
    Hayanthika God name; Lord Sivan
    Ria Singer; Love; To Flow; Earth
    Anika Grace; Favour; God is Gracious
    Maya Illusion; To Increase; A Princess
    Sona Gold; Beautiful; Pretty; Precious
    Moni Intelligent; Beautiful; Nicely
    Deeksha Initiation; To Teach Learner
    Hasika Smiling
    Danya God is My Judge; Feminine Variant
    Suji Love; Big Diamond
    Kiyara Sweet
    Poshika The One Who's brought up in flower
    Sashti Goddess Durga; Lord Murugan
    Kavinaya Poet; Good Girl
    Thiyanshika Beauty of the World
    Charvi A Beautiful Woman; Lovely
    Kyra Princess; Like the Sun; Noble
    Sarah Princess; Lady
    Daksa Talented; Perfect
    Pranika One who gives Life
    Yuga Era; Years; Generation
    Pooviksha Unique
    Mowlika Chief; Queen
    Janvi Precious; Unstoppable as River
    Mona Solitary; Adviser; Nun; Wish
    Harika Lord Vishnu; Beloved by Indra
    Srija One who Creates
    Diksha Gift by the God; Holy Teaching
    Dhanvika Goddess Annapurna / Lakshmi
    Teja Radiant; Lighting of Moon; Love
    Saksi Witness; Evidence
    Haasini Always Smiling
    Lashika Goddess Laxmi
    Harsa Happiness; Pleasure; Full of Joy
    Pavishka Divine Beauty
    Kavinila Beautiful like the Poetic Moon
    Tharnika Goddess Lakshmi
    Kiruthvika Winner of All Heart
    Mothika Like a Pearl
    Priya Kind; Beloved One; Loved One
    Mansi Plucked Flower; Voice of Heart
    Dhara The Earth; Constant Flow
    Moksha Freedom; Salvation; Final Destiny
    Raa Princess; Beautiful; River
    Yara Little Butterfly
    Venya God Gifted; Lovable
    Yaksha Representative of God
    Nainika Pupil of the Eye
    Pavika Goddess Saraswati
    Thanusri Beauty
    Thisha Blessing
    Nihana Bright; Morning; Beauty Queen
    Jashvika Responsible; Beautiful
    Thivisha Fire; Goddess Durga; Star
    Kiranyasri Goddess Lakshmi; Money; Lucky
    Koshikasree Loveable Child
    Guhasri Lord Murugan
    Thania Divine Fame
    Kirtanya A Form of Worship
    Ananya Infinity; Inalienability
    Ritika Movement; Pretty; Cute; Of Brass
    Saya Close of Day; Shadow; Shelter
    Yashita Successful; Winner; Beautiful
    Kanika Small; Atom; Black; Molecule
    Tansi Beautiful Princess
    Janvika River Ganga; Daughter of Rishi
    Karnika Gold; Heart of the Lotus; Earrings
    Moulika Love; Chief
    Saraa All in One; Pure; Happy; Precious
    Tharunya Youthfulness; Brightness
    Shasvi Success; Goddess Saraswati
    Hainika Independence
    Mokitha Intelligent
    Aab Water; Shine
    Siya Goddess Sita; Light / Blessings
    Saanvi Rainbow; Goddess Lakshmi / Parvati
    Tanaya Daughter; Fathers Princess
    Sahana Patience; Strength; River
    Taanya Fairy Princess; Worthy of Praise
    Monisha Wisdom; Knowledge; Talent; Sweet
    Thanisha Ambition
    Aadvika Unique; Matchless; Goddess Durga
    Josna Moon Light; Brave; Lotus
    Kavisri Goddess Lakshmi
    Nikitha The Earth; Goddess Lakshmi
    Kaswika Lucky Angel
    Laksika Aim; Target; Defender of Mankind
    Hevanthika Gorgeous Flower
    Jaisika Power Full Victory
    Lithanya Goddess Lakshmi

    We are sure that by now you must be joyful of choosing a name that is close to your heart just as your daughter is. May you & your daughter have a blissful journey ahead. God Bless!

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