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      Burger During Pregnancy Benefits & Effects

      Diet & Nutrition

      Burger During Pregnancy Benefits & Effects

      Updated on 4 September 2023

      It is normal to have particular food cravings while pregnant, and burgers often rank among the top choices. The mouthwatering mix of the soft meat or veggie patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise in the burger is quite tough to resist. But you need to consider the following factors before deciding if eating burger during pregnancy is safe.

      Is It Safe to Eat Burger During Pregnancy?

      Burgers made with whole wheat bread, fresh, properly cleaned vegetables, lean beef patties, and safe, packaged mayonnaise can be a healthy eating option because they contain various nutrients that can make up a well-balanced meal.

      Always prefer eating burger during pregnancy that is prepared at home rather than purchasing packaged ones from the market while craving them. To prevent uncontrollable weight gain, one must also confirm with the doctor how frequently one should consume such foods.

      Benefits of eating burger during pregnancy

      Whether or not a burger during pregnancy is healthy depends on the kind of components used in burgers. Burgers with poultry or lean, finely ground, fresh meat patties are typically healthy.

      Lean beef, defined as meat with less than 10 grammes of total fat and 4.5 grammes of saturated fat per 100 grammes of cooked serving, as well as fewer than 95 mg of cholesterol, should be used to make burger patties. One of the healthiest sources of protein is lean meat, which is crucial for a baby's organ and growth development.

      Effects of eating burger during pregnancy

      Burgers containing a high-fat meat patty and fatty toppings have a lot of calories. Even when a mother is eating for two, consuming too many calories can only result in unwelcome weight gain and a higher chance of cardiac issues.

      Pregnant women are much more likely to suffer food poisoning symptoms from a burger if the meat patty is improperly cooked and is pink inside. One of the risky pregnancy situations is food poisoning, which can cause blood poisoning and spontaneous abortion.

      Eating stale lettuce in a veg burger during pregnancy can cause dehydration and diarrhoea, both of which are quite harmful.

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      Is it okay to have burger cravings during pregnancy?

      Some women often wonder, "Can I eat burgers during pregnancy?" Even though beef burgers have a lot of saturated fat, they are pleasant and full.

      Consider choosing a leaner meat combination, such as 90/10 beef, or switching to a turkey burger occasionally on craving and consuming burgers. To ensure the recommended intake of fibre and micronutrients, serve a side of fruits or vegetables along with the burger.

      Toppings on hamburgers and pregnancy safety

      The toppings are one of the best parts of a burger. But not all common burger toppings are safe for use during pregnancy. The most popular toppings are listed here, along with tips on staying safe while piling the burger high.

      1. Lettuce

      Avoid eating lettuce when dining out. Before adding the greens to the meal at home, ensure they have been thoroughly washed.

      2. Tomato/Onion

      When dining out, tomatoes and onions should be heated to a steaming hot temperature. When placed on the bun with a heated burger, the vegetables may get warm but not hot enough to kill microorganisms. Raw tomato and onion on the burger can still be safe at home if appropriate food handling and washing procedures are followed.

      3. Pickles

      The most common pregnancy appetite, pickles are familiar to most expectant mothers. Fortunately for pickle enthusiasts, the salty, crunchy vegetable is a secure burger topper.

      4. Cheese

      The type of cheese ultimately determines how safe it is to put on a burger. It's safe to eat semi-soft and hard cheeses manufactured from pasteurised milk.

      5. Fried egg

      Salmonella is frequently found in eggs. A fried egg should only be placed atop a well-cooked burger, typically served over-easy.

      6. Ketchup/mustard/mayo (and others)

      The major issue with sauces—ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and other varieties—relates to an ingredient: eggs. Some sauces with a creamy or mayo base include raw eggs. The pasteurised egg in store-bought sauces ensures they are safe to consume while pregnant. Avoid homemade and freshly prepared sauces that include eggs.

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      To sum up, eating a burger during pregnancy can be great and fulfilling. While cooking at home or dining out, be careful to use proper food handling practices and request a well-done burger to ensure the safety of both the mother and her infant. When it comes to toppings, adhere to the safety recommendations listed above.


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