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      Back Pain

      Back Pain During Pregnancy

      Updated on 3 November 2023

      Pregnancy takes every woman on a roller coaster ride, where she has to undergo tons of physical and psychological adaptations. One obvious change that every woman undergoes is a growing tummy, which grows nearly an inch every day, at least in the third trimester. Though it is a positive sign of a healthy growing baby, it can levy undue pressure on the spine of the woman, resulting in back pain. If you are an expecting mummy who has been told to bear back pain during pregnancy, stating it is a normal pregnancy prognosis, then this article is for you.

      In this article, we will discuss how to relieve back pain during pregnancy while sleeping, doing your day-to-day activities, and when to seek treatment.

      Avoiding and relieving back pain during pregnancy

      Here are some natural ways to help you avoid and get rid of back pain during pregnancy:

      1. Exercise

      Indulge in prenatal exercises, such as squats, lunges, and glute kickbacks to strengthen the back muscles and to help support the posture.

      2. Deep breathing

      Practicing proper breathing techniques helps the rib cage to move appropriately and relieves the discomfort associated with the stress on the diaphragm.

      3. Massage

      A relieving massage on the glute muscle will alleviate upper back pain during pregnancy as it helps to soothe the tail bones and the sacral muscles. Massaging the calves, glutes and hamstring with an Ayurvedic pregnancy massage oil will help relieve the stress and pain in the lower back.

      4. Maternity belt

      For women who suffer pain on the pelvic girdle, a maternity belt can help relieve the pain. It is good to refrain from using the pregnancy belt for a few hours in a day, especially while indulging in strenuous activities.

      5. Correcting the posture

      Most women experience a change in their gait when the growing fetus alters their centre of gravity. When they tend to compensate by leaning back, they end up straining the muscles of the lower back, resulting in back pain during pregnancy. Standing up straight, and keeping the shoulders and knees relaxed can work in alleviating the pain.

      6. Choose the right gear

      Mothers should start wearing flat shoes with good arch support and avoid using high heels to help avoid leg pain and back pain during pregnancy.

      7. Sleeping on the side

      Expecting mothers should sleep on their side, preferably left, with their knees bent, to promote good blood supply to the back and lower limbs. Using a pregnancy pillow while sleeping can help support the body and provide relief from back pain in pregnancy.

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      8. Heat/cold therapy

      The application of heat or cold compresses is proven to alleviate back pain during pregnancy for some women.

      When to get treatment for back pain when pregnant?

      If you’re experiencing extreme back pain during pregnancy and are unable to get relief from back pain in pregnancy, you should talk to your doctor. A doctor will help suggest you a safe treatment for alleviating back pain and suggest some helpful exercises.

      You must call your doctor immediately if you have back pain during pregnancy and you:

      • Are in your second or third trimester, it could be a sign of early labor

      • Also have a fever and vaginal bleeding or pain while urinating

      • Have pain under your ribs in one or more of your sides

      • Lose sensation in one or both of your legs, your genitals and butt

      Exercises to relieve back pain in pregnancy

      Here are some exercises that may help to reduce your back pain during pregnancy:

      1. Low Back Stretches

      Get down on your hands and knees, ensuring your head is in line with your back. Pull in your stomach as you round your back slightly. Try to hold the position for several seconds, and then relax your stomach and back — positioning your back as flat as possible. Start slow and work your way to 10 repetitions.

      2. Backward Stretch

      Rest on your hands and knees with your arms straight and hands parallel to your shoulders. Now, begin curling backwards, moving your hips towards your heels. Bend your head towards the knees and try to tuck it while keeping your arms extended. Try to hold this position for several seconds before returning to the starting position. Aim for 10 repetitions a day. This exercise targets your back, pelvis and thighs.

      3. Backward Stretch with a Fitness Ball

      Try doing the backward stretch with a fitness ball. Start on your hands on the fitness ball and knees on the floor. Start curling backwards, moving your hips towards your heels. Try to hold this position for several seconds before returning to the starting position. Aim for 10 repetitions a day.

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      4. Standing Pelvic Tilts

      Next up is the standing pelvic tilt, another exercise to target your lower back muscles. Stand with your back against a wall and feet as far apart as your shoulders. Then try to push your back against the wall, hold for a few seconds and then return. 10 repetitions a day should be your aim.

      5. Pelvic Tilts with a Fitness Ball

      Now, try doing the pelvic tilts with a fitness ball. Sit on the floor and lean your back against the fitness ball. Your feet should lay flat on the floor and the arms at your hips. Begin pushing your back upwards and hold for a few seconds before returning to the starting position. Work your way to 10 repetitions. To prevent losing your balance, have someone stand by you.

      6. Torso Rotation

      Now, it's time to stretch your torso muscles along with the back muscles. Sit cross-legged on the floor and hold your right foot with your left hand. Then try moving your left hand backwards, opening your upper body towards the right. Hold the position for some seconds before returning to the start position. Switch hands and aim for 10 repetitions on both sides. You can also sit on a mat or a towel instead of the floor.

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      Final words

      It is possible to get rid of back pain during pregnancy naturally with the help of modest home remedies and some stretching exercises. However, more severe discomforts should be taken to the notice of your doctor immediately.


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