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Buy Hair Conditioners Online at Mylo


Improve Hair Health by using Hair Conditioners


Hair conditioners are the food for hair follicles. They help manage your hair and improve the overall look of the hair. They are an essential part of a regular hair care routine. Buy hair conditioners from Mylo to deeply condition your hair and to tackle problems like split ends, frizz, and dryness.


Different kinds of hair conditioners


Haircare has reached beyond just care these days. Everybody wants to make their look the best and invest in different kinds of hair conditioners like-


1. Hair Masks


Hair Masks are the treatment products. They focus on problem areas and combat problems like hair fall and work on strengthening your hair.


2. Deep Conditioners


As the name says, they help condition your hair deeply. Deep conditioners are enriched with nutritious oils and butter and make your hair lively.


3. After Shampoo or Rinse-out Conditioners


Apply these kinds of conditioners after shampooing your hair and rinse off to get an instant shiny look.


4. Conditioners that require leave-in


These kinds of hair conditioners moisturize your hair. These are usually left on the hair for a longer duration than usual and are used after shampooing.


Best Conditioner for Dry Hair at Mylo


There are conditioners available that are according to the hair type. The best conditioner for dry hair is with natural oils. Buy Mylo Care Hair Fall Control Conditioner with Onion Oil to condition dry or any other kind of hair.  Use it along with Mylo Care Onion Hair Shampoo & Neem Comb to hydrate the scalp and detangle your hair. All the shampoos, conditioners, and neem comb prices are nominal and fit in your pocket.


Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair


Again, the best conditioner for damaged hair is the one enriched with natural oils and ingredients like Mylo Care Hair Fall Control Conditioner enriched with Red Onion Oil, Bhringraj & Plant Keratin. Our conditioner is suitable for all hair types be it dry, damaged, oily, normal, stylized, colored, frizzy, curly or any other kind of hair.


Buy Hair Conditioners & Serums at Mylo Store


At Mylo, the main ingredient of our hair care products is onion oil. Onion oil helps stimulate hair growth & controls hair fall, the reason why you can call it the best oil for hair growth. Other beneficial ingredients used in our hair conditioner and serums are bhringraj, plant keratin, coconut oil, almond oil, and more. All these ingredients collectively work on improving your hair health and making your hair strengthened. All these products are suitable for all hair types.


Discounts & offers while buying hair conditioners


Buy hair conditioners, aloe vera shampoo online, and other related hair care products like neem comb price which fit in your pocket when you buy them from the Mylo store at affordable prices, with exciting discounts and offers. Why waiting? Shop now to get the best discounts and save big on your pocket.




1. How do you buy a hair conditioner? 


a) If your hair is dry or frizzy, go for a thick, hydrating conditioner.


b) Use the best conditioner for damaged hair on limp or fine hair.


c) Healthy and lustrous hair requires simply a conditioner formulated for regular hair.


d) At least once a week, use leave-in conditioners.  


2. What are the types of conditioners?


 Conditioners are classified into deep conditioners, cream rinse conditioners, and leave-in conditioners.  


3. How can I condition my hair at home?


Buy hair conditioners if your scalp is not greasy or filthy. You may rinse and skip the shampoo before using the deep conditioner.


a) Apply according to the kind of hair you have.


b) Comb it away.


c) Adhere to the directions.


 d) Rinse well with cold water.  


4. How can I hydrate my hair?


Use a shampoo formulated for dry hair.


a) Avoid everyday shampooing.


b) Before you take a plunge in the pool, protect your hair with a heavy conditioner cream.


c) Avoid using chemicals to tame frizzy hair.


d) As a daily moisturizer, deep condition hair overnight.


e) Eliminate any extra hair color.  


5. How do I choose a deep conditioner?


Your hair's texture, volume, color, and various other features all contribute to your ability to choose the best conditioner for damaged hair for your hair type.  

Products Price
Onion Conditioner (200 ml) 249
Anti Hairfall Hair Care Gift Set - Oil (200 ml), Shampoo (200 ml) & Conditioner (200 ml) 899
Onion Hair Growth Revival Kit - Shampoo (200 ml) & Conditioner (200 ml) 489
Onion Oil Hair Care Range - Oil (50 ml), Shampoo (50 ml) & Conditioner (50 ml) 389
Onion Conditioner (50 ml) 119
Onion Hair Serum (50 ml) 159
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