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Buy Neem Wooden Comb Online at Mylo  


Importance of Combing Your Hair


Combing is essential for your hair. It boosts the blood circulation in your scalp and keeps the hair healthy. Combing helps detangle your hair and maintains good health of your hair.


Why Neem Wooden Comb? 


Neem is known to have antibacterial properties. Combing your hair with a comb-like neem comb available at Mylo store helps style up, detangle and heal your hair.


Smart-Tip: Do regular oiling of hair with an essential oil like castor oil for hair growth along with combing with neem comb for better hair health. 


Buy Neem Wood Comb Online at Mylo Store


At Mylo store, you get to choose from two different kinds of neem combs. Natural Wood Neem Comb with Twin Bristles and Natural Wood Comb with Handle.


The neem-wooden combs at the Mylo store are handmade. They give you a smooth combing experience without damaging your hair strands. These are authentic neem wood combs. The medicinal properties of neem help free your scalp from irritation and dandruff.


These combs do justice to your hair and work on boosting blood circulation, and help prevent hair loss. 


Neem Wooden Comb Online at Mylo Store for All Hair Types


Neem Wooden Combs at Mylo is for all hair types be it rough, frizzy, dry, silky, or normal hair type. Anyone with colored, stylized, straight, curly, thin, or thick hair; can use these without thinking twice. Regular combing with these neem wood combs makes your hair thick and strong.


Neem Wooden Comb Price


At Mylo, we aim at giving you the best at affordable prices. The price of neem wooden combs at Mylo store is quite nominal and fits your budget.


While shopping for natural hair products, do check out the onion shampoo online at your favorite store. 


Buy Neem Wood Comb from Mylo Store- Here is Why


Mylo promises rigorous quality products at pocket-friendly prices. Buy Neem Wood Comb from Mylo Store with the safest payment and check-out options. You can opt for payment methods as per your requirement. Options like a same-day refund, Free delivery, 100% secure check-outs, 15-day easy returns, safe and hygienic delivery at your doorstep. (* T& C apply).


Why waiting? Shop now and make your hair look the best with Neem Wooden Comb. Detangle, tame frizz, get rid of split ends, soothe itchiness & dandruff and make your hair follicles healthy like never before with Mylo Essentials Neem Wood Comb. Shop now and get it delivered to your doorstep.    





1. Does a wooden comb work? 


According to some research, a wooden comb is a healthier option for your hair. A wooden comb is less likely to cause damage and breakage to hair. 


2. Can a wooden comb be washed?


It is possible to wash it in a variety of methods.


3. Is Neem wooden comb good for hair?


An added benefit of using eco-friendly and natural neem comb online is the improvement of scalp health. Using these combs regularly is said to help prevent dandruff and scalp infections.


4. How often should I clean my comb?


It all depends on the products you put on your hair and how often you use them.


5. How do you maintain neem comb?


Neem Wood Combs, unlike plastic combs, do not produce frizz or damage from static when used on hair. You should use no harsh chemicals, detergents, or dishwashing solutions to clean these combs.


6. Can I use a neem comb on wet hair? 


Natural oils are equally distributed on the scalp and hair when using a neem comb. Using a neem comb with broader teeth will help reduce hair fall and detangle damp hair. 

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