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Anti Hairfall & thinning Products

We are all afraid of hair thinning and bald patches as a result on intense hair fall. People suffering from hair fall may try Mylo’s products which are a great choice when it comes to hair fall and shining. They have been designed to nourish the roots and restructure the hair fibre.Our Anti Hair Fall Products are available at the best price only on Mylo. Get the latest range of hair fall products at the most affordable price.

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Buy Hair Fall Products at Mylo

Deal with hair fall and improve with blood circulation for maximised nutrient transfer to scalp with hair fall products.  


Buy Hair Fall Products online  

Choose hair fall products online to deal with hair loss and thinning and reap the benefits of a healthier looking scalp. 


Why Hair Fall Products from Mylo? 

Get the best of hair fall products from Mylo to deal with any hair thinning, prevent brittleness, cuticle damage and hair breakage of any kind. 


Hair Fall Products Price List 

Buy Hair Fall Products at Mylo  Price
Onion Oil (200 ml) 469
Ayurvedic Hairfall Treatment Oil - Neelibringadi Thailam (200ml) 499
Anti Hairfall Hair Care Gift Set - Oil (200 ml), Shampoo (200 ml) & Conditioner (200 ml) 899
Onion Hair Growth Revival Kit - Shampoo (200 ml) & Conditioner (200 ml) 489
100% Natural Baby Hair Oil (100 ml) 259


1. Ques: What are some common causes of hair fall?  

Ans - Ans: It includes usage of harsh chemicals, sun damage, improper diet, stress, alopecia areata and lack of sleep.

2. Ques: What is the best way to regrow hair?  

Ans - Ans: A healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet can help re-grow new & healthy hair.

3. Ques: What are some hair fall control tips?  

Ans - Ans: Eat protein, take vitamins, use OTC hair loss medication and maintain good hair & scalp care.

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