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Our hairball shampoo is enriched with the natural goodness of badam, shikakai and many other natural ingredients, which works acts as a natural cleanser and gently cleanses the scalp and strengthens the hair strands. Provide wholesome goodness to hair and make it smooth for extra strong and smooth hair. Get the best Hair Shampoo online in India at the price only with Mylo. We offer all natural & toxin free shampoo for hair fall that is suitable for all hair types.

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Who does not like thick and shiny hair? Everyone does. We all dream of long and lustrous hair locks. But how many of us actually care for our hair. Very few of us, maybe. To get the hair of your dreams, you should work on improving your hair health. When you nurture your hair, take good care of your hair and style your hair in a way that it suits you and your hair will look its best. The right care begins with choosing the right kind of shampoo.


Different Types of Shampoos


What does shampoo do? It hydrates, smoothens, cleanses, softens your hair, and adds volume to your hair. The different types of shampoos are:


1. Toxin-Free Shampoos: Most of the shampoos available in the market contain harmful chemicals that may cause damage to your hair. But that does not mean that chemical-free shampoos are not available. There are shampoos available that are sulfate-free and do not cause damage to your hair; rather prevent them from getting damaged. They usually work for all hair types and can be used on chemically treated or stylized hair.


2. Dry Shampoos: These kinds of shampoos are basically for those days when you do not want to have a head bath but want to get rid of the excessive oil build-up from your hair. These are power-based and help in absorbing excess oil from your hair.


3. Shampoos that condition: These shampoos are popularly known as moisturizing shampoos. They aim at hydrating, nourishing, and moisturizing your hair. These are formulated with natural oils and help manage your hair, add shine to your hair, and make them look lustrous.


4. Shampoos that add Volume: These kinds of shampoos aim at making your hair bouncy and thick. They cleanse your hair completely and have hair stimulating properties and ingredients.


5. Shampoos that are Color-Protectant: These types of shampoos are mild in nature and keep the color of the hair maintained. Some of these may contain color boosters to highlight the hair shades. People who color their hair regularly use these kinds of shampoos.


6. Shampoos that neutralize: These shampoos are formulated to balance the pH level of your scalp and hair.


7. Clarifying Shampoos: These are for the greasy hair type and aim to remove hair residue. They cleanse and eliminate excess oil from your hair. Follow up with a conditioner after cleansing your hair with a clarifying shampoo.


Buy Hair Shampoo Online at Mylo


Explore the Mylo Store, where a wide range of hair shampoos are aligned for you to shop online. The shampoos at Mylo Store are formulated with thoughtfully picked natural and effective ingredients like red onion oil, bhringraj, and amla. Special formulations are made to control hair fall, to accelerate hair growth, to prevent dry & itchy scalp, to control dandruff, to hydrate your scalp, to control hair damage, treat split ends, control frizz, and stimulate hair growth.


Repair & Revive Your Hair with Onion Seed Oil Enriched Shampoo


At Mylo, we have an exclusive range of Onion Oil enriched Shampoo & Conditioners to control hair fall and help your hair grow naturally. Infused with the goodness of bhringraj, plant keratin, hairy root culture, and argan oil, our Onion Hair fall Control Shampoo could be the best bet if you are planning to buy an onion shampoo online. 


Here is why you should buy Mylo Care Hair fall Control Shampoo:


1. It is made with all-natural, toxin-free ingredients are made to control hair fall and to promote healthy hair growth.


2. A mild paraben and mineral oil-free formula to nourish your hair gently.


3. Infused with natural hair stimulating ingredients like bhringraj, argan oil, plant keratin, and onion oil of course.


4. It helps treat dandruff and keeps hair frizz-free.


5. It controls split ends and repairs your hair.


6. It protects your hair from pollutants and cleanses gently and thoroughly.


7. It contains no artificial fragrance or preservatives.


8. It hydrates the scalp gently.




1. What's the healthiest shampoo for your hair? 

The one that nourishes your hair, keeps your hair oil, is frizz-free and helps in stimulating hair growth.


2. Is it bad to wash your hair every day? 

There is no hard and fast rule regarding hair wash. If your hair is greasy, you may choose to wash them daily, there is no harm in it.


3. How do professionals wash their hair? 

Massage the shampoo gently into the hair roots. When choosing the amount of shampoo for medium or short hair, it is best to measure a quarter-sized amount into the palm of your hair and double the amount if your hair is longer than your shoulders.


4. How can I wash my hair at home like a salon? 

Avoid washing your hair with extremely hot water. Rather use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Avoid scrubbing your scalp. Wash twice, apply conditioner, wash off, and treat your hair gently afterward to wash your hair at home like a salon.


5. Should I shampoo twice? 

If you have excessive oil build-up in your hair, you can shampoo twice. 

Products Price
Onion Shampoo (200 ml) 279
Onion Hairfall Control Oil with Bhringraj, Argan, Hairy Root Culture & Castor (50 ml) 129
Onion Hair Rejuvenation Kit - Oil(200 ml) & Shampoo (200 ml) 739
Onion Hair Growth Revival Kit - Shampoo (200 ml) & Conditioner (200 ml) 489
Onion Oil Hair Care Range - Oil (50 ml), Shampoo (50 ml) & Conditioner (50 ml) 389
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