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Get preservative free and natural ingredients enriched hair fall control oil which will make your hair healthier, stronger and shiner. Get rid of any dry scalp and provide in-depth nourishment. Support healthy hair growth and nourish damaged hair.Mylo offers all natural & toxin free hair fall control oil which helps to control hair fall & improve hair health. Shop the best hair care product online at the best price

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Buy Best Hair Oils Online at Mylo


Hair Oil is an essential food that your hair needs to grow healthily. The regular attack of pollutants and chemicals make your hair look dull and tired and hair starts losing their natural moisture. Regular oiling helps nourish your hair and adds life to them. Let's discuss this in detail...


Top Convincing Reasons to Oil Your Hair Regularly


Here enlisted a few reasons why you should oil your hair regularly:


1. To Improve Your Hair Texture: Hair oil is good for hair growth. It nourishes your hair and helps in hair root strengthening, hydrates your scalp, helps in controlling hair fall, stimulates hair growth, and makes your hair look shiny and healthy.


2. To Prevent Hair Greying: Hair oil provides nutrition to your hair and helps in preventing premature greying.


3. To Control Dandruff: Hair oil prevents your hair from getting dry, which is the main cause of dandruff. So, one or the other way, regular oiling of hair protects your hair from dandruff and itchy scalp.


4. Keeps your hair frizz-free: Regular nourishing your hair with the right kind of hair oil keeps your hair from getting frizzy and keeps them detangled.


5. Makes Your Hair Thick & Strong: Hydrated & well-nourished hair & scalp pave the gateway to the goal of achieving thick and strong hair.


List of Best oils for hair growth and thickness:


1. Castor Oil: This natural oil is extracted from castor beans and is a blend of essential nutrients. It helps in improving blood circulation of the hair scalp and stimulates hair growth naturally.


2. Onion Oil:  Onion oil is formulated from onion juice and several other natural ingredients which help in controlling hair growth and consequently contribute to hair growth.


3. Almond Oil: Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and helps in hair and root strengthening.


4. Coconut Oil: This widely used oil is enriched with the goodness of lauric acid and gets absorbed in the scalp and nourishes it, resulting in thick, strong, healthy & shiny hair.


Here is why you should follow a regular hair care regimen:


It is important to provide your hair with the right kind of hair care routine, right regimen leads to goodness and goodness brings good results.


The best way to apply essential oil to your hair is to follow the below-mentioned steps:


1. Heat the essential oil whichever you are using.


2. Apply onto your hair and scalp slowly in a circular motion with the help of your fingertips.


3. Follow up with a comb session afterward.


4. Avoid tying your hair in an upward direction.


Pre- Head Bath & Post Head Bath Care: 

Most people prefer to do oiling at night and leave overnight and wash off in the morning to steep the oil within hair roots. If you do not wish to leave the oil overnight, you can try massaging your hair with the oil you like and leave it for 3-4 hours, then wash it off to experience good results.


Or another way around, you can choose to use 2-3 drops of hair oil after bath to maintain the hydration level of your hair. This way you will be able to maintain the thickness of your hair and can help boost hair growth.


Buy Best Hair Oil for Hair Growth at Mylo


Make Mylo your shopping destination to shop for the best hair oil for hair growth, to control hair fall, and to add thickness to your hair. Buy Anti hall fall Onion Oil, Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Neelibringandi Oil to make your hair problem-free and to make them grow faster and stronger. All our products are nature-driven and based on the philosophy that whatever we need can be derived from nature. Our haircare products are safe to use for all hair types and are free from all kinds of toxins and harmful chemicals. Check out the ingredients we use and buy deep conditioner, hair stimulating oils, or buy shampoo online only at your favorite store. 




1. Does oil actually help hair grow? 

Experts believe that there are certain essential oils that can be helpful in controlling hair fall and boosting hair growth in general but at the same time they believe that there is the magic wand that can help accelerate hair regrowth. 


2. How often should I oil my hair? 

Ideally, hair wash should be done twice a week.


3. Does oiling cause hair loss? 

Oiling does wonders to hair. Do keep a check on excessive oil usage for your hair as it may clog pores on your scalp and can hamper hair growth and may result in hair loss.


4. How do you get thick hair? 

You can get thick hair in these 4 different ways:


a) By using a thickening hair care product. 

b) By having a hair-thickening diet.

c) By exfoliating your hair scalp 

d) Minimizing the usage of hot tools like blow dryers, curlers, or straighteners. 


5. How can I stop my hair loss?


Yes, you can, by following the below steps- 

a) Avoid hot hair styling tools 

b) Avoid chemical treatment 

c) Using a mild & gentle shampoo as per your hair type 

d) Comb your hair with a brush made from natural fibers  

e) Can try low-level heat therapy 


Always remember there is no magic formula to control hair fall and if you are suffering from excessive hair fall, it could be due to some disease or after effect of some treatment. Always consult a hair specialist if facing excessive hair fall.


6. Does coconut oil thicken hair? 

Yes, it can help. 



Products Price
Onion Oil (200 ml) 469
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair (200 ml) 299
Ayurvedic Hairfall Treatment Oil - Neelibringadi Thailam (200ml) 499
Onion Hairfall Control Oil with Bhringraj, Argan, Hairy Root Culture & Castor (50 ml) 129
Onion Hair Growth Revival Kit - Shampoo (200 ml) & Conditioner (200 ml) 489
Onion Oil Hair Care Range - Oil (50 ml), Shampoo (50 ml) & Conditioner (50 ml) 389
Onion Hair Serum (50 ml) 159
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