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Coconut Range For Hair

Give your hair a burst of moisture and make them healthy and well nourished. Regularly massage your hair with coconut oil. As a scalp treatment it can help destroy bacteria and create a clean environment for hair growth. Mylo offers Coconut Oil for Hair which helps to fade scars, cure acne, speeds up healing & even helps soothe itching on the skin. Check the latest range & grab them at the best price

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Buy Coconut Oil for hair at Mylo 

Make your hair irresistibly soft and frizz free by preventing them from drying with coconut oil for hair.  


Buy Coconut Oil for hair online  

Choose from a range of coconut oil for hair to maintain a healthy, stronger and shinier scalp. Make your hair healthier, shinier and stronger with coconut oil.  


Mylo Coconut Oil Hair Products 

  • Naturally Formulated: Mylo coconut oil hair products are made from high-grade coconuts and are naturally extracted. They possess anti-microbial properties which make them effective for killing bacteria and reduce any inflammation & resulting discomfort. 

  • Hydrates Skin & Hair Scalp: Mylo coconut oil hair products help serve as a barrier to protect your skin by trapping moisture to keep the skin hydrated. They help fight dandruff due to the presence of Vitamin E, K, and other fatty acids which help nourish the scalp, resulting in the disappearance of any dryness. 

  • Best Suited for: Mylo coconut oil hair products are suitable for all ages (Men, Women & Children) skin & hair types. They can be used for baby head massage and for hair growth stimulation. Mylo coconut oil hair products are safe to use in pregnancy and post-delivery. 

  • Best Way to Use: To begin with, take a lavish quantity of Mylo coconut oil hair products, apply as and when required, and massage on the scalp in a circular motion.  

  • Safe Formula for All Hair Types: To ensure maximum safety of our consumers, Mylo coconut oil hair products for hair are Australia-Certified Toxin Free, Made Safe Australia Certified, Allergy Certified, and contains no artificial colors or fragrance. It is also PETA Certified, Vegan-Friendly Certified, Ph Balanced, Free from - SLS, Paraben, and Mineral Oil, making them safe for application on all skin & hair types. 


Why Coconut Oil for hair from Mylo? 

For best results make sure to pick up the coconut oil for hair by Mylo and nourish your scalp making them long, strong and shinier.  


Mylo Care 



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Whole Body 

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Special Ingredients 

Coconut oil 

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Paraben Free 

Item Volume 

200 Millilitres 

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Coconut Oil for hair Price List 

Buy Coconut Oil for hair at Mylo  Price
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair (200 ml) 349
Pregnancy Massage Oil & Coconut Oil Combo 719


1. Is coconut oil good for your hair?  

Ans - As a hair mask you can use coconut oil to protect your hair while you brush.

2. Is coconut oil good for hair growth? 

Ans - It can help to grow healthier, thicker and longer hair.

3. Can you put coconut oil on dry hair?  

Ans - It can penetrate the hair shaft and help smoothen the damaged & uneven hair.

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