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    Second Trimester

    Your guide to the symptoms you may face during this week of pregnancy  

    Written on 14 August 2018

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    डॉ. वानी पुरी

    ऑब्स्टट्रिशन- गायनेकोलॉजिस्ट, इनफर्टिलिटी स्पेशलिस्ट - एमबीबीएस| डीजीओ, डीएनबी

    At week 15 day 2, you are in your second trimester. While you will be experiencing a few symptoms this week, the good news is that you may start to feel better with some of the things like morning sickness and fatigue getting reduced. Let’s looks at the common symptoms you will experience at this stage:

    • At week fifteen of your pregnancy, your baby is still tiny but is growing at a good pace. Measuring around 5 inches, he is approximately the size of an orange and his skeleton has started to develop and you will soon start feeling his body movements inside you

    • This is the time when you may start noticing certain visible changes in your body like fuller breasts, larger nipples, weight gain and increase in belly size. You may also notice darkening of the skin around your nipples. For optimal comfort and style, you can try wearing the maternity maxi dresses that are made of soft fabric, are breathable and are even useful in feeding with its zipper closure. Also, to make your pregnancy a comfortable experience, using maternity bras with soft, sweat resistant and breathable fabric is advisable starting from second trimester.

    • A lot of women start experiencing body ache and tingling sensations in their legs, feet and hands around this time. Swelling in legs in feet can also occur around this time of your pregnancy.

    • A flurry of hormonal changes may cause dental issues and you may experience sensitive teeth and gums. You must take extra care of your oral hygiene and consult with your dentist if you face any issues with your gums and teeth.

    • Headaches tend to increase around week 15 and you may face them too. You can try home remedies like cool compress, head massage or painkillers prescribed by your doctor to relieve the pain. However, you must immediately consult your doctor if the pain doesn’t go away or increases.

    • Many women suffer from lower back pain in week 15. If you too are feeling pain in your lower back, maintaining a good posture and light exercises focused on making back muscles strong can help you.

    • On the positive side, you may feel that you are hungrier and your appetite is becoming better. The flip side is that you may have more heartburns or indigestion due to the increased eating.

    This is that time of your pregnancy when you may feel relief from the more severe symptoms, so make the most of it and focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle. Still if you feel jitters at this stage of pregnancy, it is always better to have a gynaecological consultation.

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    डॉ. वानी पुरी

    ऑब्स्टट्रिशन- गायनेकोलॉजिस्ट, इनफर्टिलिटी स्पेशलिस्ट - एमबीबीएस| डीजीओ, डीएनबी
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