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      What Causes Blurred Vision During Pregnancy & How to Deal With It?


      What Causes Blurred Vision During Pregnancy & How to Deal With It?

      Updated on 23 June 2023

      There are many symptoms that women experience when pregnant - one of them is blurred vision. You must be wondering how pregnancy is related to blurred vision. Well, in pregnancy a certain hormone is released that leads to blurry vision.

      During pregnancy, a woman's body evolves and consequently, she experiences many hormonal and body changes. These changes can be quite tiresome, and even make women question – “why do women suffer so much, in terms of menstruation, waxing, and even having a baby.” In this article, we are going to talk about facing blurred vision during pregnancy.

      Why do pregnant women have to lose their eyesight? How is being pregnant even connected to having blurred vision? These questions are very important and this article is going to provide answers to all the above doubts.

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      What Causes Blurred Vision During Pregnancy?

      Pregnancy hormones end up reducing tear production, which can lead to blurred vision. Hormones that are released during pregnancy are a major factor behind blurred vision.

      Pregnancy hormones not only reduce tear production but cause fluid to develop in your eyes and this may possibly lead to changes in the curvature of one’s eye, which can lead to blurry vision and poor eyesight.

      Pregnancy also lowers one’s immunity. When one’s immunity is reduced, we are aware that they become more prone to illness, diseases or any other infections that may occur. So, developing eye infections is actually one of the many common things that can happen to pregnant women.

      Women who are expecting and suffer from health conditions like preeclampsia or gestational diabetes can suffer from vision problems. In case this happens, one should visit their doctor as soon as possible!

      Research has blamed pregnancy hormones as the main reason why eyesight becomes blurred. This might hold true, but the good news is that blurry vision is temporary, and will soon go away after giving birth!

      Ways to Deal with Blurred Vision During Pregnancy

      One has to learn how to deal with this. Below are ways on how to deal with blurred vision during pregnancy:

      1. Use pregnancy-safe eye drops

      If your eye feels itchy, swollen or anything that you can’t stand – applying these pregnancy-safe eye drops will definitely help. You should consult your doctor before buying eye drops.

      2. Resting your eyes

      It is also important to give your eyes a rest – don’t read much or in dim light, and very importantly don’t drive if you think your eyes are blurry, and cannot see things properly. Try to rub your palms and cup your eyes with them to relax them whenever they feel tired.

      3. Give your eyes some time

      There is also no point in getting new spectacles, or getting a new prescription – as we said this blurred vision is only temporary and will go away after you give birth to the little one.

      There are many women who question if blurred vision can be prevented altogether. It might not be prevented but you can take various precautions like eye drops and a relative who will be available to drive you around! So, it is best to prepare yourself. All you can do is – know that it is coming!

      When Should You Visit a Doctor?

      A lot of women are concerned and question whether they should visit a doctor. Some may face even more serious vision problems – this can be a sign of gestational diabetes or even high blood pressure. If this happens then one should visit their doctor as soon as possible. Apart from this – one may also face flashes, dimming vision, spots or even floaters that don’t go away.

      You may feel that there is no point in going to the doctor as these symptoms are just temporary and everything will go back to normal once pregnancy is over. However, the symptoms can be heightened to such an extent that it becomes necessary for the couple to go and visit their doctor. Go say hi to your doctor and take the medicines prescribed by them.

      This article has been wholesome and has covered things like how one will face blurred vision during pregnancy, why one faces blurred vision during pregnancy, how to prepare yourself when faced with blurred vision during pregnancy, and most importantly should one go to a doctor if the symptoms are highlighted. This article has been very articulate in telling the readers that blurred vision will happen, but not to worry – it is only temporary, and your eyesight will be better than ever once you have given birth!


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