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      What Are the Different Types of Body Washes & How to Choose the Best Body Wash


      What Are the Different Types of Body Washes & How to Choose the Best Body Wash

      Updated on 3 November 2023

      We always give more importance to our face but caring for our entire body is also very important. Body washes are one of the best cleansers to try, as they are easy to use. You must have seen there are many different types available in the market. Each has its benefits when compared to the others.

      Different types of body wash have varying formulas and are meant for people with different skin types. So, if you are wondering what these would be, let us help you throw light on the various kinds of body washes.

      Mentioned below are the different types of body washes:

      1. Shower creams

      Shower creams have a slightly thicker and buttery consistency compared to shower gels. Their texture is similar to the body lotions and falls under various names like nourishing, moisturizing, cream oil, etc. Shower creams keep your skin hydrated as they have more conditioning agents than other body washes.

      If you have dehydrated and sensitive skin, you should include this in your daily routine. These shower creams are more useful during winter when your skin tends to get parched more than usual. Avoid this during summers or in hot and humid climates since it might make your body feel a bit sticky.

      2. Shower gels

      These are gel-based body washes that are clear, come in bright colors, and are often labeled as a body wash or shower gel. Its main ingredient is water, as its primary focus is cleaning the body. Shower gels also contain conditioning agents to keep the skin hydrated. They come in varying fragrances and flavors. However, they have a stronger fragrance than soaps or shampoos.

      Compared to shower creams, they are pretty budget-friendly. One can use them to make their body feel fresh during summer or in a hot and humid climate as they give a very refreshing feeling. People with normal to oily skin can go for it. If you have sensitive skin, go for something much gentler.

      3. Foam-based body washes

      A foam-based body wash has a frothy consistency and is a real savior if you are an on-the-go person. They bubble up quickly and thoroughly cleanse your body. Ingredients are similar to shower gel and creams but come with different fragrances and minor ingredient changes.

      Foam-based body wash gives you a luxurious bath experience using only a small quantity. Since they have excellent moisturizing properties; they are safe to use even on sensitive skin. These can be used for any skin type as they are mild and gentle and can use in any season.

      4. Body scrubs

      A body cleanser can clean the body, but body scrubs help get rid of dead skin cells. Just like our face, our body needs a good scrub. The scrub leaves you feeling fresh, hydrated and bright. These are similar to face scrubs but shouldn’t be used on the face unless said so.

      The tiny granules in body scrub are made of various ingredients that help remove the unwanted dry layer of skin from the body. You can use this at least once a week to get rid of dirt, grime, and other particles sitting on your body. Although they are slightly expensive compared to budget-body washes and shower gels, they are essential for healthy skin.

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      How to choose the best body wash for your skin?

      No matter what your skin type is, it’s recommended that you use a body wash that’s made from natural ingredients. A natural body wash effectively lathers, cleans the body and is safe to use every day.

      Some of the critical things you should look for while choosing a body wash are:

      • Helps maintain the skin's natural pH balance and improves rough, dry skin.

      • Should purify the skin without taking away the skin's natural moisture.

      • Free from chemicals and chemical fragrances as well as from any comedogenic ingredients which can clog pores.

      • Should be mild enough, even for babies, and should not contain any harmful foaming agent.

      • Should be internationally-certified and free from parabens, mineral oil and sulphates.

      One such product that incorporates all these qualities is the Mylo Veda Ubtan Body Wash. This body wash, as the name suggests, is inspired and made from natural ingredients that go into the making of an Ubtan! The texture of this body wash is soft and smooth and you will always only have the best bathing experience with this body wash!

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      Key Takeaways

      So, these are the various body washes with various textures that you can choose from depending upon your needs. Know your body skin type and choose the product accordingly.


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      Khushboo Jain

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