Ubtan Range for Skin

Wash away dirt, restore freshness and add glow to your skin with Mylo’s ubtan range. It made from the traditional natural inrgeiends which is known to cleanse and restore the skin healing properties. It supports the removal of dead skin layer and fine hair from the face and body. Buy the best Ubtan Products online in India only with Mylo. Shop an extensive range of face wash, body lotion & various ubtan range of products for all skin & hair types.

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Buy Ubtan Products at Mylo

Ubtan range of products can act as a natural healing agent to lighten the skin tone, improve skin complexion and bring out a glowy radiance. 


Buy Ubtan Products Online 

Choose from an arry of ubtan products available online but make sure to check the label thoroughly to see from any mix of harmful chemicals. 


Why buy Ubtan Products from Mylo? 

Get organic ubtan products from Mylo to not only heal the skin but also bring out the even skin tone and reveal a spotless glow.  


Mylo Ubtan Skin Products 

  • AYURVEDIC REMEDY FOR GLOWING SKIN: Made with traditional ayurvedic formulations and ingredients, the Mylo Ubtan skin products are the perfect remedy for a brightening glow. Their bioactive natural ingredients like Saffron, Licorice, Nalpamaradi Oil, Oatmeal, and Turmeric cleanse and lighten the skin giving you a brighter radiating glow. 

  • ANTI TANNING AND EXFOLIATING PROPERTIES: Packed with anti-tanning properties, our Mylo Ubtan Skin Products are the perfect cleansing partner for your daily routine. While Nalpamaradi Oil removes tanning and clears dead skin cells, licorice exfoliates and lightens your skin, giving your skin a smoother, softer, and clearer sheen. 

  • NOURISHED, HYDRATED & EVEN-TONED SHINE: Crafted in a lightweight formula, Mylo ubtan skin products deeply moisturize and nourish the skin to give the best care to your skin. Our products help reduce pigmentation, prevent free radical damage, and hydrate your skin keeping it nourished, healthy, and even-toned. 

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Our sulfate-free ayurvedic Mylo ubtan skin products are made with pure ingredients that make them suitable for all skin types. They nourish and restore your skin’s ph balance keeping it free from irritations and reactions. 

  • 100% CERTIFIED, CRUELTY-FREE, PARABEN-FREE: At Mylo, we ensure that our products are made with high-quality ingredients that are cruelty-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, Allergy-free, and completely natural. Certified for their safety and purity, our Mylo ubtan skin products are free from harmful chemicals, oils, preservatives, and toxins ensuring complete safety to your sensitive skin from irritations and damage. 


Ubtan Products Price List 

Buy Ubtan Products at Mylo  Price
Ubtan Face Wash with Saffron, Nalpamaradi Oil & Turmeric for Tan Removal (100 gm) 235
Ubtan Face Mask (100 gm) 429
Ubtan Body Lotion (275 ml) 279
Ubtan Body wash 275ml 289



1. Ques: Can we use an ubtan daily? 

Ans - Ans: Since it is 100% natural, it can be applied to the body daily.  .


2. Ques: Is ubtan good for skin whitening?  

Ans - Ans: It helps in skin brightening, removal of tan, fighting acne and removing any dark spots.  .


3. Ques: Does ubtan remove tan?  

Ans - Ans: It helps to offer natural glow and remove any suntan.  .

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