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    What are the best positions to breastfeed your new-born baby? 

    Baby Care

    What are the best positions to breastfeed your new-born baby? 

    Updated on 3 March 2023

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    Kusum Sabharwal

    Obstetrician & Gynecologist - MBBS| DGO

    "Breastfeeding is not always easy, but...

    It is Always Worth it."

    There isn't a right or a wrong way when it comes to breastfeeding your baby. While it sounds impressive to have discovered the perfect position for your baby, it is alright if you need help initially. But once you get used to this, you learn to position and fasten the baby to ensure their comfort while feeding.

    However, while there are some positions that most mothers agree to be comfortable with, you are not obliged to breastfeed in any particular position. It is possible to breastfeed lying, sitting, or even standing. Apart from a perfect position, mothers should focus on a proper latch to avoid problems like sore or cracked nipples.

    Best Breastfeeding Positions for babies

    But if you are looking for insight to make the right choice, the most commonly used breastfeeding positions are listed below.

    Cradle position

    The cradle-holding position is the most common breastfeeding position. The mother can hold her baby in place using her arm while cradling the baby's head near the elbow. The mother's arm supports the baby through her back and neck, keeping the baby from chest to chest. You can also try nursing pillows for extra comfort during breasfeeding your baby.

    Side-lying position

    A side-lying position is Ideal for relaxed night feeds. The side-lying position is one of the breastfeeding positions you can do in your bed or on the couch. Moreover, lying on the side may be more comfortable than sitting if you have had a C-section or sutures. If you try this position, you and your baby need to lie down next to upright from belly to belly.

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    Clutch position

    In the Clutch position, you position the baby on the mother's side, with her body and feet under the mother's arm. Once you have positioned your baby comfortably, you can replace the mother's arm with a pillow.

    Cross-cradle hold

    The cross-cradle hold runs well for nursing preemies, newborns, and babies with trouble getting latched on. This view makes it easier to view your nipple and your baby's mouth. Also, as you hold your baby's head, you have more control to guide your baby through a good lock.

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    Koala holds

    In the koala hold, your baby rides on your thigh or hip, with his spine and head upright as he feeds. You can hold this with a newborn if you turn over your baby with plenty of support. The koala hold is often the most comfortable nursing position for children who suffer from reflux or ear infections. It can also work well with babies with tongue-tie or low muscle tone.

    Rugby ball holds

    In this position, you sit with your baby at rest along your front arm. His body folds along your side, with his feet on the back of the chair or wherever you're sitting. This position supports your baby well while giving you a lot of control and a pleasing sight of her face. Being tucked next to your body will make your baby feel safe too. Mothers with a C-section, twins, a premature baby, or those with bigger breasts may also enjoy this position.

    Laid-Back Position

    In this position, you recline back with your baby lying on top of you. Your baby's head should be near your breast, and you can support their body with your arms. This position can be helpful for mothers who have an oversupply or who have a forceful letdown.


    Different breastfeeding holds may work better than others for you and your baby. Don't get discouraged, and don't give up. Breastfeeding newborns is more complicated than it looks, and it takes time and practice for some moms. Whether you choose to use one of these nursing positions or find new positions, it's a good idea to alternate the positions you use.

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    Kusum Sabharwal

    Obstetrician & Gynecologist - MBBS| DGO

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