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    Illnesses & Infections

    Treating Bronchiolitis in toddlers

    Written on 25 May 2021

    Bronchiolitis is a lower respiratory tract infection where the small breathing tubes in the lungs called the bronchioles get infected. These bronchioles get swollen and clogged with mucus, blocking airflow and making it hard for the baby to breathe.

    Causes of Bronchiolitis

    The leading causes of Bronchiolitis are:

    • Influenza

    • Adenovirus

    • Rhinovirus

    • Respiratory syncytial virus

    • Herpes Simplex virus

    • Human bocavirus

    • Fungal infection

    • Chronic aspiration

    Symptoms of Bronchiolitis

    Some common symptoms of Bronchiolitis are:

    • Mild fever

    • A runny or stuffy nose

    • Wheezing sound while coughing

    • Tiredness

    • Sometimes, severe respiratory issues like difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite, flaring of nostrils, and sleep loss can also occur.

    • Increased heartbeat

    • Your baby getting irritated and fussy.

    Treatment for Bronchiolitis

    If the infection is in its preliminary stage, then the following treatment can be followed:

    • Your child needs to rest as much as possible so that your baby's bronchial tubes can heal.

    • Increased intake of fluids, about 8-10 glasses of water a day to help in thinning the mucus.

    • Due to poor immunity, your baby’s body may develop other pneumonic illnesses as well. To combat this, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to deal with the infection.

    • A Decongestant can be introduced because it cleanses mucus from inflamed airways, making breathing easier for your child.

    • You can also try saline drops to ease your baby's congestion.

    • You can make your baby comfortable by keeping your baby in an upright position.

    • Avoid any kind of smoke around your baby.

    Home Remedies to cure Bronchiolitis

    Here are a few home remedies that can help you get rid of Bronchiolitis:

    • Cool-mist Humidifier: To get rid of dust particles, it is best to take the help of a humidifier which will make the air dust-free for your child to breathe.

    • Vitamin C: Ensure that you make your baby eat Vitamin C-rich foods such as lemons and cranberries. Vitamin C-rich foods help in building immunity, thereby helping your child fight effectively against pathogens.

    • Honey: Honey can work wonders for your baby because of the anti-bacterial properties that it possesses.

    • Epsom Salt: While bathing your baby, put some Epsom salt in the water. This will help in clearing the clog in bronchial tubes. Also, put some Epsom salt in the steam water when you're giving your baby steam. This will assist in removing the congestion.

    • Turmeric: Giving your baby Haldi ka doodh can indeed do very well in reducing the coughs and clearing congestion.

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