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    Top tips: Travelling with a 2-year-old

    Written on 25 May 2021

    Travelling may have been your favorite until now since you were alone and independent. But, now? You have another human to take care of and who is dependent on you entirely! It's understood how badly you may be needing a break, and hence, you need to be on your toes with planning a trip with your toddler. Here is a composite guide that will help you organize your trip with your toddler!

    1. It is vital to talk about the vacation with your baby and what they can expect there. Choose a toddler-friendly place so that your child can enjoy and let you relax as well.

    1. All the immediate and essentials like medicines, baby wipes, sunscreens, diapers, jacket etc. that you may need during the journey should be packed in a separate bag.

    1. Carry your toddler's pram or cot without fail.

    1. Always carry a first aid kit.

    1. Think and plan well about the mode of transport. If you're planning to travel by car, check for the proper functioning of seat belts and harnesses. Ideally, your baby should be in the back seat of the car.

    1. If you're travelling by air, railways or bus, ensure that you are alert at all times since you'll be taking care of the luggage and your baby as well. Ask your travel partner to share responsibilities with you.

    1. Dress your little one in bright colored clothes so that locating your child, in case they get lost in a crowd, gets more manageable. Click a picture of her in her travel clothes and keep ready in case of any mishap.

    1. Plan to entertain your child during the journey. You can carry a few toys, colors, books etc. to keep your little one occupied.

    1. Keep water, juice handy so that your child doesn't get dehydrated. Carry some snacks and whatever your child eats like theplas or bread and jam so that your child doesn't have to stay hungry if there's no food available.

    1. Try to be low on luggage. Since you can't compromise much with your baby's stuff, try cutting down on yours!

    1. Once you reach the destination, check for your room to be safe for your toddler. Keep your child away from balcony heights, do not let your baby go alone to the verandah or balcony. Make sure that you keep dangerous items far away from your child.

    Travelling with a toddler may seem like the most difficult thing ever but with the right kind of planning and arrangements, your vacation could be the most peaceful and enjoyable one ever!

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