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    Fears & Phobias

    Six simple but effective tips to get rid of all your pregnancy related fears 

    Written on 27 June 2019

    While pregnancy is a wonderful experience in a woman’s life, it does have its share of ups and down. Being fearful and anxious about pregnancy is a common refrain among many women. Pregnancy brings along a lot of physical, emotional and mental changes which can have a significant impact on increasing these fears and worries. But such fear is very normal to have and you can overcome them by following these six tips.

    1. Most feelings of fear during pregnancy are centered on potential of harm to the baby such as accidently rolling over the belly during sleep, miscarriage, premature birth, baby’s stunted development, childbirth complications, labor related issues etc. Just remember that these are very common worries to have and you should simply relax and not be overly worried about them as long as your pregnancy is carrying along smoothly.

    1. Talking and discussing with your husband, friends or family members about what is bothering you is an excellent way to get rid of pregnancy related anxieties. Expressing yourself can not only help you gain insights but also allows you to vent your feelings and not keep them bottled up inside you.

    1. Nothing beats fear like knowledge. So, go ahead and learn more about pregnancy and childbirth and you will realize it becomes easier for you to deal with your fear. You can tap into a variety of sources like your doctor, books, genuine websites and forums on internet and antenatal classes to enhance your pregnancy related knowledge.

    1. Regular exercise and activities like yoga, meditation, reading and music will help in reducing stress and anxiety and also keep your mind relaxed during the pregnancy.

    1. Learn and be aware about all child birth and pain management options much before your due date as a lot of fear is due to negative thoughts about pain during labor and birthing complications. Being prepared will make you confident and help you get rid of such fear.

    1. You should break down what you need during each stage of pregnancy and not just spend all your energy being stressed and scared about labor and delivery. This way you can easily deal with each pregnancy stage and any associated worries instead of getting consumed by fear and anxiety.

    And last but not the least, imagine your baby and how good it will be to have him in your life rather than just staying stressed about pregnancy and labor.

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