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    How to use kumkumadi face mask to get the desired results

    Written on 2 August 2022

    A face mask is one of the easiest ways to get radiant skin instantly. But choosing the best brightening skincare products during pregnancy and postpartum can be overwhelming, as it might not be safe to use everyday products during pregnancy. Therefore, you need natural and toxin-free products like the Mylo Veda Kumkumadi range. These products are 100% natural with ayurvedic formulations that are safe to use during pregnancy and postpartum.

    If you are looking for a brightening face mask for women, we suggest Mylo Veda Kumkumadi Face Mask. It contains powerful ingredients like saffron, lotus flower extract, goat milk, sandalwood, and liquorice that blend to provide you with radiant and brighter skin in just 15 minutes. It is also the best anti-pollution face mask.

    Mylo Veda Kumkumadi Face Mask offers numerous skin benefits, if used correctly. Let us find out the best way to use kumkumadi face masks.

    How to use a kumkumadi face mask?

    Step 1: Cleanse

    You must be aware that cleansing your face twice a day is a healthy skincare habit. It keeps dirt and excess oil away and prevents acne. Likewise, cleansing your face before applying a face mask is equally important. It removes the dirt and impurities from your face and creates a clean canvas for the face mask to work effectively. Cleansing your face also prevents bacterial infection, blackheads, and whiteheads. So always start your skincare routine with cleansing. If you are removing makeup or SPF, we suggest you start with double cleansing. It helps get rid of makeup easily and prevents clogging of pores.

    Use Myla Care Tea Tree Face wash. It is a gentle face wash safe to use during pregnancy and postpartum. It contains antibacterial ingredients like tea tree, neem, basil, lemongrass etc., to give you a cleansed face. It also prevents acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Tea tree face wash is the best way to start a skincare routine.

    Step 2: Exfoliate

    Cleansing is essential to remove dirt, but you must exfoliate your skin to get rid of the dead skin layer. It helps to deep-cleanse your face, unclogs pores, giving you smooth skin. Exfoliation helps your skin absorb the product much better. You can also take steam before exfoliating. However, that is not advisable if you have active acne or sensitive skin.

    The best exfoliator should be gentle on the skin but should also unclog pores. We recommend Mylo Veda Kumkumadi Face Scrub. It contains walnut powder beads that gently exfoliate your skin and eliminate dead skin cells. It also has soothing shea butter and saffron, giving you smooth and radiant skin.

    Step 3: Apply Face Mask

    Now that you have a cleansed face, you are all set to apply the kumkumadi face mask. Make sure you dry your face thoroughly before applying the face mask. Take an adequate amount of face mask and spread it evenly on the face. Make sure you apply an even layer of the mask on your entire face covering the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Avoid your lip and eye areas. Let the mask sit for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water.

    Step 4: Moisturise

    Deep cleansing can leave your skin dry, and you must ensure that it retains all the goodness of the mask. So apply a moisturiser of your choice to lock in the effectiveness of the face mask. You can also use Mylo Veda Kumkumadi Face Oil to get more benefits from the natural ingredients. The face oil helps retain skin elasticity and reduces early signs of ageing.

    You must follow the routine once a week to see visible results. We recommend following this routine at night to ensure your skin gets time to repair itself. Always follow up with a moisturiser and sunscreen the next day.


    Mylo Veda Kumkumadi Face Mask effectively repairs skin damage when used correctly. So make sure you follow each step properly to reap its benefits.

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