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    Illnesses & Infections

    How to treat pus & boils in toddlers

    Written on 6 May 2021

    Boils can be a terrible thing to watch on your baby, especially if the boil has burst and pus comes from it. Children are more susceptible to infections, and hence, it becomes mandatory to pay extra attention to your toddler's hygiene.

    What is a boil?

    An infection in an oil gland or hair follicle causes a boil to form on the skin. The infection is caused by a bacterium known as staphylococcus aureus, which is widely seen in hospitals. This bacterium can be found on our skin, in our nose, and in our mouths. These bacteria are generally prevented from entering the body and causing illnesses by the skin's natural barrier.

    You'll see a red lump on your toddler's skin when the boil is first formed. After some time, the lump starts to turn white, with pus accumulating in it. If there is pus, be sure that your child is in a lot of pain!

    The most common places where your child could get boils are the face, thighs, neck, armpits, and buttocks.

    Treatment for pus and boils on your toddler's skin

    Regular cleaning of the affected area will help in spreading the infection. Use some antiseptic wash and cotton to clean the boil if it bursts. If the boil keeps getting bigger by the day, it is best to consult a doctor as the doctor will prescribe a few antibiotics that will help get rid of the boil. Complete the course and do not leave it mid-way. A deep-level boil will be taken care of by the doctor using surgical methods. Don't worry about the pain; your baby will be under the influence of anesthesia!

    Home remedies to get rid of boils

    Seeing your baby suffer due to boils can be a harrowing scene. Here are a few remedies you can try at home before rushing to the doctor:

    1. Alcohol

    If the boils are on your baby's head, you can try rubbing alcohol on the affected area. Alcohol helps in disinfecting the affected area.

    1. Coconut oil

    If there are multiple boils on your baby's head, apply coconut oil as it helps in cooling down the boil.

    1. Warm Compress

    A warm compress is a great way to heal the boil and be placed on the affected area multiple times a day. It also facilitates pus to get out of the boil and enhance fast healing.

    1. Turmeric

    Due to the antiseptic properties of turmeric, it helps in quick healing. All you have to do is apply turmeric on the boil and let it be for some time.

    1. Honey

    Honey is a natural antiseptic that plays a vital role in healing the boil.

    1. Porridge compress

    A warm porridge compress can be made by wrapping porridge in a clean cotton cloth. Next, dip it in hot milk. Porridge is known to reduce inflammation.

    1. Onion and garlic juice

    A mix of garlic and onion juice will kill the bacteria and facilitate quick healing.

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