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    How to Put a Baby to Sleep In 40 Seconds – 8 Tips & Tricks

    How to Put a Baby to Sleep In 40 Seconds – 8 Tips & Tricks

    Updated on 3 April 2024

    Putting a baby to sleep is no less than a nightmare for new parents. While some babies are quick to sleep, some are little troublemakers who just won’t sleep nor let their parents sleep. If you too are bothered with questions like why won’t my baby sleep or how to put a baby to sleep, then this article is about to unfold some magical tips and tricks on how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds.

    Why Is Sleep Important for Your Baby?

    Every baby needs adequate sleep due to various medical reasons. Sleep helps babies develop critical abilities such as attention, language, and impulse control. The brain’s activity while a baby sleeps, improves their ability to absorb knowledge and learn different actions and responses. In layperson's terms, sleep helps develop a baby’s brain, and lack of it results in mood disorders.

    Studies have shown that it is during sleep that the layer of myelin forms around the nerves of a baby. Furthermore, the connection between both brain hemispheres also strengthens during sleep. Therefore, it is essential for every newborn child to sleep for 14-17 hours a day.

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    Why Won’t My Baby Sleep?

    Before we understand how to put a kid to sleep in 40 seconds, it’s important to understand the reasons responsible for your baby’s sleep difficulties. This way you’ll be able to identify the problems and remove any obstacles to your baby’s peaceful sleep.

    1. Hunger

    Hunger is among the most common reasons why your baby might not be able to sleep. So, make sure to feed your baby before putting them to bed. Feeding will not only help them relax but also ensure they don’t wake up soon out of hunger.

    2. Discomfort or pain

    If your little one is in any kind of discomfort or pain like soiled diaper, feeling too hot or cold, gas or teething pain, then they might have trouble falling asleep. Addressing these concerns will help you put them to sleep.

    3. Overstimulation

    Babies easily get overstimulated by their surroundings and then find it hard to sleep. So, make sure to create a calm and peaceful environment before your baby’s bedtime.

    4. Overtiredness

    While adults may find it easier to sleep when they’re tired, babies find it hard to sleep when they’re overtired. Putting your baby to sleep before they overtire is a great way to avoid this issue.

    5. Environmental factors

    Noise, light, temperature or any disruptions in the environment can also cause sleeping troubles for your baby. It is essential to maintain a calming environment that’s ideal for babies to sleep.

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    How to Put a Baby to Sleep In 40 Seconds?

    If you’re wondering questions like how to put a kid to sleep in 40 seconds or how to get an overtired baby to sleep, then the following tips and tricks can help you:

    1. The tissue paper trick

    To get a baby to sleep faster, you can use a dry tissue paper. Gently, sway this piece of paper over your baby’s face and repeatedly until their eyes close. Don’t use a wet wipe to do this as it may cause more discomfort and irritate the child.

    2. Sound of running water

    Babies love the sound of rain and running water. It can calm them and put them to sleep in no time. This doesn't mean that you need to place your baby near a running tap or wait for rain. You can simply play a recording of running water or rain on your phone until your kid is asleep.

    3. White noise

    White noise is a noise that is similar to what your baby hears inside the womb. Therefore, this noise feels familiar and comforting, making them sleep easily. There are numerous machines available in the market called white noise machines which produce this sound. One also gets a white noise machine attached to their baby monitoring device.

    Alternatively, you can play white noise recording on your phone. This noise calms the baby, and they will sleep within a minute.

    4. Swing and swaddle

    Swing-and-swaddle is a technique that makes babies feel safe and puts them to sleep instantly. To do this, swaddle your baby in a wrapper or blanket, and hold them close to the chest while swinging and rocking them in gentle motions. Once they are asleep, put them back in their bed.

    5. Stroke them gently

    If your baby is having difficulty falling asleep, then you can pick them up and gently stroke their forehead and back. This makes the baby calm and makes them feel sleepy. However, one should avoid doing this regularly, or it would become a bedtime routine for their child.

    6. Make a comfortable bed

    Place your baby on a flat, firm and clean surface such as a crib or bassinet. Ensure that their head and neck are aligned and that they can move their head easily. You can also try using a head shaping pillow for your little one.

    7. Calming baby lotion

    Studies have proven that calming lotions such as lavender help a baby sleep easily, and one can use them before their baby's bedtime. These baby lotions relax their skin, making them feel sleepy.

    8. Sing a lullaby

    Researchers also believe that the rhythm and cadence of human speech can calm a baby and give them much-needed sleep. So, if you can sing then try humming a lullaby for your little one but if you’re more of a bathroom singer, then play some soothing lullabies on your phone.

    Final Thoughts

    In this article, we have discussed the common reasons why a baby may not be able to sleep and the tips and tricks that can help put babies to sleep instantly. We have tried to answer questions like why won’t my baby sleep and how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds. By incorporating these tips you’ll be able to establish good sleeping habits for your little one and catch up on your lost sleep as well.


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