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    Hip Pain During Pregnancy: Your Guide to Reasons and Remedies

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    Hip Pain During Pregnancy: Your Guide to Reasons and Remedies

    Updated on 9 April 2024


    Pain and discomfort are no joke during pregnancy. Any kind of minor pain or discomfort can be worrisome for moms-to-be. Everybody talks about pelvic and back pain as your body gets heavier during pregnancy, but nobody talks about the hip pain that comes along. If you are experiencing hip pain during pregnancy, then momma you are not alone. Here is everything you need to know about pregnancy hip pain.

    Is it normal to experience hip pain during early pregnancy?

    Almost half of the pregnant women experience some type of hip pain. This pain can be on the back or side of the hip. It can be dull, sharp, consistent, or gradual. Now, the catch here is, whether hip pain during early pregnancy is a normal scenario or not. The answer to this question is yes.

    It is normal to experience hip pain even during early pregnancy, which means during your first trimester. Since the body is making space for the baby and there is so much rush of hormones in your body, you can experience some form of discomfort in your hips during early pregnancy as well.

    Some women also face hip pain in early pregnancy because the placenta that attaches to the body is in a posterior position, which is the back side of your body. Due to this, there is added pressure on the hip and back muscles. So, experiencing hip pain in your first trimester is normal, but you should still check with your doctor in case you have a sharp pain or are feeling any form of discomfort.

    What are the reasons for hip pain in pregnancy?

    The most common reasons for pregnancy hip pain include:

    1. Hormone relaxin

    The primary reason for hip pain (pregnancy) is the release of a pregnancy hormone named relaxin. This is secreted within your ovary once you ovulate to prepare yourself for a potential pregnancy. In the case of a pregnancy, the level of this hormone starts rising. During the first trimester, relaxin helps in the growth of the placenta and prevents premature contractions.

    But later, the function of this hormone changes to help relax pelvis ligaments so that the mother’s body is ready to give birth. Relaxin also helps to relax connective tissues within the hip joint, because of which you experience pain in your hip muscles.

    2. Round ligament pain

    Sometimes, during your second trimester, you might start feeling pain around your abdominal area, hip, or groin. This is because the round ligament muscles that support the uterus become loose and stretch as the womb enlarges during pregnancy. Expectant mothers can experience pulling sensations, sharp pain, or achiness on either one side of the body or both. This is why you experience either right or left hip pain during pregnancy.

    3. Sciatica

    We all know that the sciatica nerve extends from the lower spine to the buttocks until the back of the legs. As your uterus grows, extra pressure is put on the sciatica nerve, which can cause a tingling sensation, numbness, or pain in your thighs, hips, and buttocks.

    4. Changes in posture

    Pregnancy alters your center of gravity which can cause changes in your body posture and weight distribution across your body. Due to which the muscles and joints around the hip feel added strain, resulting in hip pain (pregnancy).

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    5. Weight gain

    Weight gain is a natural effect of pregnancy. It is said that a pregnant women can gain between 10 to 20 kgs weight during her pregnancy. As you gain weight, the pressure on your hips also increases leading to hip pain.

    So, now you know why you experience certain kinds of pain during pregnancy. So, don’t stress about it and read our next column, where you can get to know ways in which you get some relief from this hip pain.

    How to relieve hip pain during pregnancy?

    Every problem comes with a solution. So, here are some solutions to bring some relief to your hip pain:

    1. Warm compresses

    A warm compress is one of the best ways to ease your hip pain. You can either use a hot water towel or a heating pad to relieve your right or left hip pain during pregnancy. Make sure you don’t apply the hot compress directly against your skin or belly.

    2. Pelvic belt

    During pregnancy, many women use a pelvic belt to support their hip muscles. This belt supports the pelvic and hip muscles, thereby reducing the pressure on the body.

    3. Massage

    Your partner can offer you a nice massage around your hips using Mylo’s Ayurvedic pain relief massage oil to help release pain and pressure. Lie down on your side and tell your partner to massage the affected area in a circular motion. Don’t apply too much pressure.

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    4. Yoga

    Yoga and stretching can help loose the tight hip muscles and provide relief. Mild stretching and simple yoga asanas can help you with your hip pain. The best poses that can ease hip pain are- Cow pose, Child pose, and Bound angle pose.

    5. Other exercise

    There are some other exercises too that you can try at home to get some relief. You can try-

    • Pigeon pose- Come down on your knees and hands and slide one knee forward. Slide your foot towards your opposite wrist. Slide your foot back till you feel a stretch.

    • Figure 4- Sit on a chair and put one ankle up on your opposite thigh so that you form the number 4. Now sit tall and keep your back straight. Lean forward at your hip joint till you feel a stretch.

    You can also do butterfly poses and squats to help you with your pain.

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    6. Sleeping position

    Your sleeping position also matters a lot during pregnancy. When you sleep on your side, always place a pillow or maternity wedge between your legs so that your lower body muscles are well supported.

    7. Wear comfortable shoes

    During pregnancy, always wear comfortable shoes. You should avoid high heels or flats that have a hard sole. Go for shoes that are lightweight and have soft cushioning as well.

    Try these remedies and thank us later. These simple hacks can help you with your hip pain and you can enjoy this beautiful phase of your life.

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    Hip pain during pregnancy is a normal occurrence as your body is undergoing so many changes, and there is added pressure on the muscles. But the silver lining on the cloud is that you can do some home treatments and exercises to ease hip pain and enjoy your pregnancy without any worry. Make sure to keep your doctor in the loop in case you feel any kind of unusual pain or discomfort in your body.


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