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    Hospital Bag

    Essential items to pack in your hospital bag

    Written on 14 August 2018

    Hospital bag checklist- Essential things to pack for mother and baby

    Finally, the wait is ending and your due date is approaching. You might be feeling anxious and excited both at the same time. Your doctor always advises you to pack your hospital bag carefully to avoid the last-minute rush. It is not necessary that you will be going to the hospital on that specific date mentioned by your gynae, in fact after completion of the ninth month the hospital bag that contains essentials for you and your baby should be all set. You must inform your spouse and other family members about the bag also so that there is no panic situation when you will be heading towards the hospital for delivery.

    Your doctor always mentally prepares you for the kind of delivery you will be undergoing. So, on that basis, you can pack your bags for the hospital stay. Prepare a checklist for the bag so that it can be easily accessed by the other attendant staying with you in the hospital. Here is the list of few essentials you must pack for your delivery and the baby:

    • Documents- Like ID proof, hospital forms, debit cards, insurance documents, and all the reports of your screenings and ultrasound of pregnancy.

    • Dresses- Make sure you have done complete shopping from maternity stores. You must have chosen comfortable, breathable, and loose-fitting maternity nighties with buttons in front so that you can easily give breastfeeds to your baby after the delivery.

    • Footwear- Slip-Ons are the most comfortable to wear. Do not forget to carry some pair of socks.

    • Smartphone and charger

    • Toiletries like deodorant, lip balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, facial cleaning wipes, and a bottle of sanitizer.

    • Headbands, hairbrush, and a scarf to cover your head post-delivery

    • Sanitary napkins and under wears

    • Nursing bras

    • A pair of glasses if you have a poor eyesight

    • Going home clothes

    • Breast pads

    • Maternity pads

    • Extra pillows

    • Eye mask or earplugs

    • A set of clothes for the baby when you will leave from the hospital for home

    • A set of clothes for the baby to change in hospital

    • Caps

    • A blanket to cover the baby

    • An extra sheet or blanket for the crib

    • Wipes

    • Nappies

    • Baby toiletries kit

    • Books

    Things you should not carry in the hospital bags are as follows:

    • Jewelry- Except for your wedding band or a pair of earrings that you are wearing

    • Cash or any other valuable thing

    • Medicines, supplements, or any other vitamins without the permission of your doctor

    • Breast pumps

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