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      At what age should you stop using a baby carrier for your little one? 

      Care for Baby

      At what age should you stop using a baby carrier for your little one? 

      Updated on 5 August 2023

      Being a parent is a full-time job. You need to attend to your baby all the time while carrying out your other responsibilities. It can be frustrating and tiring, but you can neither compromise with your baby’s needs, nor can you afford to ignore your other important duties. Thankfully, baby carriers give you the freedom and flexibility of keeping your baby close and do other important work at the same time. The Mylo Essentials Supersoft 3 in 1 Position Baby Carrier with Strong Belt provides superior lumbar support so your back doesn’t hurt and is adjustable so you can position your baby comfortably. In this baby carrier, you can carry your baby in 4 positions – chest way, kangaroo way, cross arm way and back carry.

      When can you start, and when should you stop using a baby carrier?

      ● You can carry your one-day-old newborn in the baby carrier in the inward-facing or froggy position as it provides proper head, neck, hip, and bottom support to your baby. Babies under four months of age are unable to hold their neck on their own. Using a baby carrier in an incorrect manner can increase the risk of neck injuries.

      ● Between the age of 4-6 months, your newborn will be out of his bobblehead phase. With stronger neck muscles, he/she will now be able to hold his/her head straight. You can now carry your bundle of joy in a forward-facing position. Just make sure that your baby carrier is appropriate for all seasons, and your baby is comfortable in it. A baby carrier with adjustable buckles and straps is a better option as you can use it as your baby grows.

      ● You can carry your 9-18 months old baby in any standard baby carrier. Carrying your growing baby in the baby carrier for hours can hurt your back muscles. A baby carrier with broad padded shoulder straps with no side to side movement ensures even distribution of your baby’s weight and provides proper back and lumbar support. You can also carry your 18 months old baby in a back carrier if he/she meets the minimum weight requirement of your baby carrier.

      ● You can carry your two-year-old toddler in the baby carrier if you prefer to. There are baby carriers that can accommodate your four years old as well. Still, it is wise to use the baby carriers only until you feel comfortable to carry your baby safely as carrying large toddlers can cause joint and muscle pain.

      Talk to your doctor before carrying a premature or unwell baby in a baby carrier as they are at a higher risk of suffocation.

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