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    5 dangerous mistakes every parent should avoid while carrying the baby in a baby carrier 

    Updated on 9 June 2022

    Baby carrier adds a lot of convenience in your life. This parenting gear allows you to keep your baby close as you work, shop, travel, or navigate through the crowded streets. But sometimes, unaware parents make baby carrying mistakes can lead to health conditions like hip dyspepsia and even cause a baby’s death in some unfortunate cases. Here are the 5 most dangerous mistakes a parent should avoid while carrying their baby in a baby carrier

    Putting a baby in a chin to chest position

    Keeping your baby in the chin to chest position blocks his/her airways and doesn’t give your baby ample space to straighten out. This can suffocate your little one. Be attentive and check whether your baby has enough room to move his face side to side to avoid such situations.

    Holding a Baby Too Tightly

    While chin to chest position can cut off your baby’s airways, strapping him/her too tightly to your chest or back is also very risky and it can suffocate your little one. Always pick a baby carrier with adjustable buckles that allow you to loosen or tighten the carrier according to the need.

    Ignoring head support for newborn

    Parents often forget that their newborn’s neck muscles are weak and underdeveloped to hold the head. Babies need proper support on their neck whenever you lift or carry them otherwise their head will flop back and can cause serious neck injuries. Make sure that the baby carrier that you pick provides enough support for your baby’s head.

    Being Out in the Sun for too long

    Babies can adjust with the heat to some extent by raising their core body temperature a few degrees but facing the scorching heat for too long can be dangerous. Take regular breaks and shift your position. Relax under the shade of a tree to cool down. To avoid unnecessary discomfort, buy a baby carrier made of breathable fabric.

    Letting Baby’s Legs Hang Straight

    Wrong positioning of your baby in the baby carrier that leaves the baby’s legs hanging straight down can deform your baby’s socket. Buy a baby carrier with a wide base that keeps your baby’s legs stretched apart and bent at knees in an ‘M’ position.

    With proper attention and practice, you and your baby can enjoy being close to each other all the time with the help of the baby carrier. One baby carrier that ensures your baby’s comfort and safety is the Mylo Essentials Supersoft 3 in 1 Position Baby Carrier with Strong Belt comes with a safety buckle, provides enough leg space for the baby to stretch, has an adjustable belt and it is made up breathable polyester fabric. It has a movable headrest and provides superior lumbar support to your munchkin!

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