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  • Are you overweight? Must check five major warning signs and symptoms of Thyroid and know how to get rid of them quickly.   arrow

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    Are you overweight? Must check five major warning signs and symptoms of Thyroid and know how to get rid of them quickly.  

    Written on 1 December 2021

    The occurrence of Thyroid has become quite common. In a recent survey, 11% of people in India are affected by Thyroid disease. The primary reasons like menopause, depression, and more cognitive abilities. Besides, there are many more early signs of thyroid issues that one should be aware of.

    So, let's find out the causes and solutions to manage thyroid.

    Five Major and Early signs of Thyroid disease

    Go through the given symptoms carefully and try to control them for living a healthy life. Here are the signs.

    1. Tiredness: Well, it is easy to feel fatigued after daily activities. But if you are feeling tired without any reason, it can be an alarm of thyroid. Well, sometimes it is challenging to analyze fatigue as a true sign of having Thyroid. This is why Mylo Thyroid screening is best to choose. This would help you know the thyroid level in your body.

    1. Weight gain: It is one of the most common reasons that it disturbs metabolism and causes thyroid. Problems with metabolism can easily create problems in your body that naturally increases the risk of hypothyroidism. One of the best ways to check is Mylo thyroid screening to know the actual metabolic state in the body.

    1. Decrease heart rate: With thyroid development, it also affects your cardio-vascular health that results in a low heart rate. The Thyroid usually results in higher blood pressure due to much involvement in the activities.

    1. Compassion to heat: People who have thyroid disorder often experience sensitivity toward heat. This is because Thyroid affects your metabolism, and it takes more than the usual energy to burn calories, resulting in unusual sensitivity to heat. Thus, people with thyroid sweat more and experience anxiety while working.

    1. Weight Loss: Weight loss is also a critical clue you are suffering from thyroid issues. Sudden weight gain and weight loss are the common signs of thyroid disorder because of poor metabolism.

    Easy remedies to control hyperthyroidism symptoms

    • Consume sugar-free diet

    • Add vitamin B, Probiotic, and gluten-free diet

    • Selenium, like Brazil nuts, grass-fed beef, etc., helps you reduce Thyroid.

    • Less stress and a regular workout can help you.


    Thyroid causes distress in daily life, if you see early signs, get the cure. And don’t miss going with the Mylo Thyroid screening kit to know the root causes. The screening will help you identify whether you are affected by this disease or these are hormonal changes.

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