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Baby Carriers

A baby carrier or traditionally known as a baby sling is a piece of cloth that supports an infant or a small child while carrying him or her. When babies are carried in proper position, it supports good hip development and prevents baby’s hip dislocation. Now, in modern times these traditional slings are replaced by trendy, good looking soft padded baby carriers that one can wear in front. Some baby carrier bags have adjustable options, to carry a baby either on the back or adjust the height. Babycarrier for new born are designed keeping in mind the head support and comfort for both baby and the carrier.

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How safe are baby carriers? 

A baby carrier is extremely safe to use for your baby as it helps to carry the baby in a proper and secure position. A baby carrier bag is designed keeping in mind the head support and comfort of both the baby and the carrier. Equipped with safety straps, a headrest pillow and breathable mesh, a baby carrier will keep your baby safe and comfortable. Additionally, a baby carrier helps support good hip development and prevent hip dislocation in babies. If the baby carrier is adjustable, you can carry your baby in different positions: inward facing, outward facing and back carry, whichever you consider the safest for your baby. 


Is it safe to carry a newborn in a carrier?  

You should avoid carrying your newborn baby in a baby carrier bag as it can put them at risk of head and neck injuries. Baby carriers are not recommended for newborns as newborn babies are unable to hold their heads and necks upright. Carrying a newborn in a baby carrier can increase their risk of head and neck injuries. You should wait until your baby is at least 4 months or until when your baby has developed head and neck control before you carry them in a baby carrier. Most baby carriers are safe and appropriate for babies older than 6 months. 


Do baby carriers cause hip problems? 

Although there is no evidence that a baby carrier cause hip problems in babies, incorrect positioning may lead to hip problems. Some types of baby carriers can interfere with the healthy hip positioning of babies. If you place your baby in an unhealthy or unnatural position, especially for extended periods of time, it may interfere with hip development. You should not place your baby in a carrier for more than 1-2 hours. You should give them a little break so that they can move their hips around and prevent any hip problems.  

A baby carrier with an ergonomic design and comfortable seating position can help support good hip development and even prevent hip dislocation in babies. When wearing your baby in a baby carrier bag you must ensure that their hips are spread naturally to each side, with the thighs supported and the knees and hips bent. This is called an M-position, also known as the jockey position, straddle position and spread-squat position. This way, you can allow free movement of the hips without forcing them together and prevent any hip problems in your baby.  


What is the weight limit for baby carriers? 

Before buying or using a baby carrier, it is essential for you to read the weight limit specified on the pack instructions by the manufacturer. The weight limit for baby carriers differs from brand to brand. However, most baby carriers are suitable for carrying a baby between 3-20 kg. But you must remember that the clothes and gear your baby wears will also add to his/her weight. So, it’s best to remain within the specified weight limit for the safety of your child. You should buy a baby carrier with adjustable size and high weight limit so that it supports your baby as they grow. 


What is the age limit for baby carriers? 

Most baby carriers are designed for the purpose of carrying babies from 6 months up and until they are 2-3 years old. Some baby carriers are also made for carrying newborn babies. However, you must refrain from wearing your newborn baby in a carrier as newborn babies don’t have head and neck control and being in a carrier may increase their risk of head and neck injuries. Each baby carrier comes with a specified age limit mentioned on the pack instructions. You should not exceed the mentioned age limit for the safety of your child.  


How to store baby carriers? 

It’s important to store your baby carrier in a safe place when you are not using it. You can simply roll the baby carrier bag into a nice and tight roll, making sure the shoulder straps are tucked inside the roll. You should start with the outside of the baby carrier facing out, then grab the waist strap and strap it around the baby carrier roll. Lastly, buckle the straps and you’re good to store the baby carrier. Packing the baby carrier bag in this manner will ensure it occupies the least space and avoids any wear and tear.  


Buy Baby Carrier bag at Mylo 

An easily adjustable baby carrier bag can help you easily carry your baby in a safe and secure way. Use it during your baby’s day out as it comes with adjustable buckles, straps and waistband.  


Buy Baby Carrier bag Online 

Pick the right kind of baby carrier for newborn after checking on the available features, weight size available and lumbar support available to you. 


Why buy Baby Carrier bag from Mylo? 

Get the freedom to carry your baby anywhere without the tension of dropping them with Mylo. Ensure baby and mother care at the same time with our well-designed baby carriers. 


Baby Carrier bag Price List 

Baby Carrier for Newborn and Babies at Mylo Store Price
Baby Carrier with Head Support & Adjustable Buckle Straps (6 - 15 Months) - Royal Blue 899
Premium 3 in 1 Comfortable & Adjustable Baby Carrier (6 - 15 Months) Royal Blue 1399
Premium 3 in 1 Comfortable & Adjustable Baby Carrier (6 - 15 Months)- Red 1399
Premium 3 in 1 Comfortable & Adjustable Baby Carrier (6 - 15 Months) - Grey 1399
Premium 3 in 1 Comfortable & Adjustable Baby Carrier (6 - 15 Months)- Black 1399
Premium 3 in 1 Comfortable & Adjustable Baby Carrier (6 - 15 Months) -Royal Blue and Sky Blue 1399


1. Will it fit my baby? 

Ans - The carrier is recommended to use for babies weighing between 4-15 Kgs.

2. Is baby carrier bag comfortable for my baby? 

Ans - Yes, the carrier has cushioned head, leg support and seat, it has a padded shoulder strap as well.

3. How to use baby carrier? 

Ans - Carry the baby with both hands, place the legs first from upwards into the carrier and ensure that the status of the baby is sitting.

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