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      Mylo Community - The Springboard to Mylo’s Success at the Forbes India D2C Disruptor Awards

      Mylo Community - The Springboard to Mylo’s Success at the Forbes India D2C Disruptor Awards

      Updated on 4 April 2023

      Forbes India, India’s leading media house for innovation and entrepreneurship, recently celebrated the disruptors and game changers of the Indian D2C landscape. The D2C Disruptors Awards are Forbes India’s remarkable initiative to identify and recognize trailblazing D2C brands across the country. Following an extensive selection process and triumphing over many brands, Mylo emerged as the winner of the D2C Disruptor (Under 5 Years) in the Mom & Baby category.

      As India’s #1 Pregnancy & Parenting App for women trying to conceive, expecting or raising a child, Mylo’s victory at the D2C Disruptor Awards is a testament to its knack for innovation and customer satisfaction. As the one stop pregnancy and parenting destination, Mylo has much to offer its users. From pregnancy, mom and baby essentials like diapers, strollers, maternity wear and nursing products to personal care products - Mylo has something in store for everyone.

      With user safety and experience at the cornerstone of Mylo’s brand philosophy, all the products Mylo offers are free from harmful chemicals and are enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients. With the best interests of moms and moms-to-be at heart, Mylo strives to provide products that are made safe and certified by experts. Mylo products have been certified by OEKO-TEX, FSSAI, ISO and other internationally recognized organizations. Mylo’s relentless efforts to simplify the conception, pregnancy and parenting journeys of its users have earned it the support of millions of young families.

      Trusted by a community of over 10 million users, Mylo credits the continuing support and overwhelming love from users behind its recent success. Since its inception, Mylo has counted on the support of the Mylo Community members to climb the ladder of success and overcome a myriad of challenges. Over the years, the Mylo Community has become a safe haven for its users to share joys, concerns and sorrows. And this year the Mylo Community has become a springboard for Mylo’s success in the D2C landscape.

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