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    Is your baby getting breathless frequently? Five things you must know

    Written on 7 November 2017

    Parenthood is one of the most beautiful feelings. Parenthood brings not only joy and happiness but also a grave responsibility as well. It is needless to say, and even a small change can become a severe cause of concern for the parents.

    While the young ones are just developing, they can often develop irregular respiratory patterns. Because their vitals are still developing, their breathing rate might be higher than usual. They might also take long breaks between respirations and make unusual noises. But it is imperative to understand that a child's respiratory system differs from that of an adult.

    Newborns might breathe from their mouths rather than the nose. They have amniotic fluid and meconium in the airway right from birth, smaller breathing cycles, etc. It is normal to have certain differences between children's and adult's breathing patterns and habits.

    Still, parents need to pay extra attention to a new-born child's breathing to spot any abnormality and get a solution to it at the soonest.

    In case you feel suspicious, it is safe to contact your doctor just to be sure.

    Irregular breathing can be very problematic and cause parental anxiety. But, not knowing what to expect and what not to can become even more stressful.

    So, we have compiled a list of five things that you should be aware of when it comes down to your child's breathing.

    • Notice child’s breathing cycle

    Notice and learn your child's regular respiratory habits to be later able to recognize any problem or difference.

    • Record and share your child’s breathing with your doctor

    Record your baby's breathing and share it with the doctor to get an expert opinion. Moreover, many health professionals now offer online appointments or email communications, saving you from unnecessary travel.

    • Babies should always sleep on their backs

    According to a study, your baby should sleep on his back at all times. Doing so reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). If your baby has a respiratory infection and does not sleep well, ask your doctor to find safe ways to get rid of congestion. Also, it's not safe to prop them up or put their cradles on a slope.

    • Thick mucus

    Physiological serum drops, sold over the counter at pharmacies, can help cure thick mucus.

    • Wear them breathable clothes

    Sometimes, an infant’s breathing rate gets higher when disturbed or exposed to heat. You should dress your baby up in breathable clothes.


    Babies tend to breathe quicker than older children and adults. There are times when they make unusual noises. It is rare for infants to have difficulty breathing due to a severe medical condition. You must be able to tell immediately if your baby has respiratory problems. Become familiar with your baby's usual breathing habits and get help immediately if anything seems to go awry.

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