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      Best Baby Strollers : Parents Picks for the Best Baby Strollers

      Baby Care

      Best Baby Strollers : Parents Picks for the Best Baby Strollers

      Updated on 24 August 2023

      Buying the best stroller for your baby is every parent’s dream but not always the easiest choice. With all the variety available in the market, it’s easy to be confused and overwhelmed. As a new parent, you should ask yourself these three questions: Does the baby stroller have enough storage capacity? Is the stroller easy to carry? Will the stroller keep my baby safe?

      In this article, we will discuss the different types of baby strollers available, how you can choose the best stroller for your baby and much more.

      Types of baby strollers

      Here are some popular types of baby strollers you will come across while stroller shopping:

      1. Full-size stroller

      Leading the best strollers 2022 charts are full-size strollers. They are ideal to carry your baby from day one to the time they grow and have an abundant storage capacity. As the name suggests, full-size strollers provide ample of space for your baby to stretch out and grow.

      2. Umbrella stroller

      True to their name, umbrella strollers come with a canopy to shade your little one from sun and rain. What’s more, they fold like an umbrella and are super-easy and lightweight to carry. Portable and compact, umbrella strollers are your best bet when it comes to travelling and running errands.

      3. Convertible stroller

      One of the best strollers 2022, convertible strollers can accommodate more than one baby. So, if you’re a parent to two or three kids and looking for one ride to carry them all, convertible strollers are your number one choice.

      4. Reversible stroller

      Reversible strollers, also called modular strollers, allow you to face your baby towards you (when they are young) or face out (for toddlers). With reversible strollers, your little one can have the best of both worlds.

      How to choose the best stroller for your baby?

      You can choose the best stroller for your baby by taking into consideration the following:

      1. Your baby’s age

      Strollers that offer 180-degree reclining are ideal for newborns as they don’t have head and neck control yet. So, if you plan on carrying your newborn in a stroller, the best stroller for you might be a full-size, multi recline stroller.

      2. Your lifestyle

      Are you planning on taking your baby on grocery runs, morning walks and shopping sessions? Then, a stroller with a canopy and storage might be a good choice. On the other hand, if the stroller will lie in the back of your car trunk and be used rarely, you can settle for basic strollers.

      3. Your family size

      No, you are not going to fit your entire family in the stroller but think of the youngest member(s). If you have multiple kids or are planning to have kids in close proximity, your best stroller bet would be a convertible stroller.

      4. Your storage needs

      If you are considering traveling with your baby or running errands often, you will need a stroller with a good storage capacity. A full-size stroller might be the ideal choice for storage seekers.

      5. Your budget

      At the end of the day, it all comes down to cost. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, go for basic versions with little or no storage. However, if you’re looking to make an investment for multiple kids, splurge a little and buy something with multiple features.

      Mylo offers baby strollers that are ideal for newborn to 3-year-old kids and come with benefits like multi-recline positions, storage, a 5-point safety harness and an easy-to-fold and carry compact design.

      Is it possible to use a stroller with a newborn?

      Yes, you can use a stroller for your newborn baby as well. Newborns need to lie almost flat in strollers since they can't yet hold up their heads. There are baby strollers available in the market, which are ideal to carry newborns and have ample space for them to lie and stretch. The Mylo Essentials Baby Stroller adapts to all of your child’s journeys- from newborn to 3 years.

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      Final Thoughts

      There are a lot of baby strollers available in the market. Be careful to choose the best stroller for your baby according to your baby’s age, your lifestyle, your family size and your budget.

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