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      10 Best Mystery Books to Read in 2023


      10 Best Mystery Books to Read in 2023

      Updated on 25 September 2023

      We are all just a few months away from the brand-new year. However, if you haven't read some of the best mystery books to date then we have got you covered. The fact is that mystery books offer a glimpse into the darker side of human nature, and this is one reason that they are widely read across the globe. The best murder mystery books offer thrills, suspense, detectives, chills, boom plot twists and twisted characters.

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      Best Mystery Books You Should Read in 2023

      When it comes to reading, if you are wondering about some mysterious killers, horrific secrets that can explode anytime, stirring puzzles to solve then your fingers will not be able to stop while turning pages of some of the bestselling books in India. This collection includes something for everyone, whether you’re an experienced fan of the genre or a newbie searching for a great mystery book to read. Here are some of the best books to read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

      1. The New Mother by Nora Murphy

      Oliver, Natalie Fanning’s new kid, is loved and she loves being a mother. She nevertheless finds comfort in her neighbor Paul while she struggles with insomnia and feels alone as a result of her husband’s return to work. Nat starts to experience a sense of relief and comfort with Paul’s help. But it quickly becomes clear that Paul is acting with ulterior purposes and suing Nat as a pawn in his own plan. Nat must face the uncomfortable reality that her supposedly flawless lifeline has a price. Paul’s friendship with Nat is not a coincidence; he has ulterior motives.

      2. Going Zero by Anthony McCarten

      Anthony McCarten, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter, created this complex conspiracy thriller. Ten individuals are given two hours to disappear and remain missing for thirty days as part of the CIA’s FUSION spyware testing program. Whoever defeats FUSION wins $3 million. Tech prodigy Cy Baxter receives a big contract if everyone is taken captive. The stakes are considerably bigger than money for one competitor, though.

      3. Good Bad Girl by Alice Feeney

      In a story of connected crimes, a baby’s kidnapping twenty years ago is linked to a murder in a nursing home. The burden of discovering the truth falls on the shoulders of the “Good Bad Girl”, a complex yet fascinating character. Trying to leave her nursing home, Edith bonds with patience, a caregiver who is hiding secrets. Clio, Edith’s daughter, is still far away, and a menacing figure with bad intentions is making its way to her door. To discover the destinies of the missing infant, the distraught mother, and the ties that connect them all, the women must cross a network of suspicions, murders and a single victim while mistrust is developing.

      4. The Marriage Act by John Marrs

      The Marriage Act by John Marrs is a dystopian thriller with lots of unexpected turns from the creator of The One, which is currently an eight-part Netflix series. A right-wing administration in Britain soon feels that the Sanctity of Marriage Act, which makes marriage the norm and single people unwelcome, is the solution to society’s problems. The government must monitor every element of a couple’s private lives to ensure compliance. However, four couples are about to learn how difficult relationships can be when someone is constantly monitoring them.

      5. Simply Lies by David Baldacci

      David Baldacci’s newest thriller, Simply Lies, stars Mickey Gibson, a former New Jersey detective and single mother of two. She also works for a multinational investigation firm called Pro Eye to find affluent people’s assets who have sought to evade creditors. One day a co-worker calls her and asks her to go to the house of a prominent arms dealer who has in the past defrauded some of Prop Eye’s clients. Mickey finds a man’s body concealed in a room when he first enters the estate, but he soon realizes that nothing is as it seems.

      6. The Other Side of Night by Adam Hamdy

      David Asha would want to tell you a tale involving three individuals. His son Elliott Asha, who has been devastated by a loss, will be made whole. David’s close friend and surrogate father, Ben Elmys, may also be a murderer. Harriet Kealty, a retired investigator, is looking for explanations for three unsolved deaths as well as looking into a potential love interest. You will believe everything David tells you is fantasy, but everything he says is truth.

      7. Picture You Dead by Peter James

      Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is thrust into the foreign and exclusive world of fine art in the widely anticipated newest book in the critically acclaimed Roy Grace series. However, under the surface, there is greed, deceit, and bloodshed. Harry and Freya are a regular couple who, up until that point, had only dreamed of discovering a gem at a car boot sale. They discover a beautiful landscape that may be a long-lost masterwork from 1770 that is worth millions of dollars underneath the dull image they paid a few pounds for. One collector is adamant that it is authentic, and he will do anything to obtain his goal. Harry and Freya’s ideal world quickly turns into a nightmare.

      8. 400 Days by Chetan Bhagat

      No matter if you’ve read Chetan Bhagat or not, everyone has an opinion of him. However, we do advise you to take up his most recent book, 400 Days, which comes after The Girl in Room 105 and One Arranged Murder, both of which were entertaining. It is the third book in his well-known Keshav- Saurabh trilogy. The author of novels like Five Point Someone, 2 States and a Half Girlfriend first ventured into the romantic thriller subgenre a few years ago, and it appears that he is now content to stay there. This time, he relates the tale of Alia, a woman looking for Siya, her 12-year-old daughter, and Keshav, a man trying to assist Alia. A fascinating narrative about friendship, relationships, betrayal, and the whim of the internet is promised to be woven in 400 Days.

      9. The Therapist by B. A. Paris

      Alice and Leo feel content and accomplished when they relocate to London and take up residence in a recently renovated home in a gated neighborhood. Their fantasy life finally feels real. The neighborhood, however, is not as welcoming and open as it seems. Everyone seemed to be concealing a certain secret. She soon comes upon a troubling fact about her current home that she is unable to ignore.

      10. Night Watchman Pvt Ltd by Naveen Kundra

      Undoubtedly, this is one of the best India books to read and you can’t stop yourself from adding this one to your bookshelf. In the city of Dhan Nagari, there is a murderer on the loose. Yudhisthir Sanghvi is under increasing pressure to resign as Chief Minister. Sanjay Dhingra is aware of his impending arrest and is located somewhere in the same city. There are conspiracies against him.

      So, these were some of the best mystery books for you to spend your weekend with. Prepare to get beguiled into the world of mystery and intrigue!

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      Roohi Kalra

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