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Plz help me i am in depression state. Mujhe 13 Jan ko 9th month pura ho jaayega. Sab thik hi chal raha tha ki Pehle mujhe mere pet dog ne bite kar dia or mujhe rabipure ke 3 injection lage or uske Baad muje 16 November ko dengue ho gya.. Uske Baad mujhe discharge hone k Baad hospital se several times headache rehane laga. Doctors ke kehane per without contrast MRI or MRV karaya toh usme likha aaya ki likely cyctic adenoma or lession in left side of pituitary gland.. Mera bp bhi high rehane laga specially niche wala jaise kabhi 92 ya 95. Neurologist ne mujhe inderal tm 20 di us se mera headache kam hua or bp bhi thoda better hua per pain nhi gaya.. Mujhse neurologist ne kaha ki ho sakta hai pregnancy ke Baad sab thik ho jaayega or pain na ho per Mein tension Mein hu headaches ko lekar suicidal tendencies aati hai plz guide and help.


Hi there! ? Congrats on your first post with Mylo Family ?? Your fellow preggies and moms will be here to help you soon ❤

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Dear just, relax and please meet a psychologist.. You need to meet the dr. Asap.. This happens in pregnancy the brain is unable to take so many sudden changes.. Also dengue affects your brain for months after curing.. And don't worry dear.. Baby ke aate hi sab thik ho jayega.. You will get more busy.. Also please don't think zyada kuch bhi.. And please meet the dr. Jese dengue ke liye dawai lete hai.. Jese ankle sprain ke liye dawai lete hai.. Ussi tarah iski bhi medicine hoti hai.. And telling you this from personal experience

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@meenu thank you.. So nice to talk to you

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Where are you from dear?

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I need motivation to cope with this situation.. Mujhe lagta hai jaise mujhe hi issue ho raha hai headache ka

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@meenu from Delhi.. And u

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