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Mera c sec se baby hua h 20 ko aur underarms me ganth pd gai h kya ye normal h


C sec ka underarms se kya connection

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Tbi to pucha h k koi connection h ya mujhe hi ye dikkt hui h

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Aap garam paani mein kapda bheego kar sikai kariye aur baby ko ache se feed karaye, thik ho jayega. Agar baby properly feed nhi le pa raha hai, kyuki chota hai toh milk pump se express kar lijye. Mujhe bhi aise ho gaya tha, toh sikai se hi thik hua tha.

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Milk k lumps rehte hai starting me hota hai,muzhe bhi hua tha apane aap thik ho gya,feed karte rehe

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Dear breast tissue extends upto the armpits. Breasts tend to expand during pregnancy and even when lactation sets in after the child has been delivered. Most of the time the lumpy feeling is due to the presence of milk ducts. They are generally soft in nature and the ducts are visible when stretched. If you have such lumps on both the sides they are generally harmless. If the lump is only on one side and it is hard and fixed in one place without any movement you may need to show it to a doctor. Honestly either ways there is no harm in letting your doctor know so that she can check it and let you know wether it is harmless or needs to be diagnosed further.

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Mera 20 week end hogay h or baby ki koi movement kai pat nni hua h q

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