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I noticed today that I have cracked nipples. I massage it with coconut oil but some black crust dirt kind of things were coming .before massaging, the nipples were looking very dry also. What should I do .. ?


Ys dear wo blakdry skin hai aapki jo ooo se nikal gyi aap warm water se then ooo se clean kare ho jaega sahie

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Don't worry because of the hormonal changes in pregnancy the breasts tend to become more full which causes the skin to stretch and irritate the areola and the nipple. This can lead to dry skin, open cracks that may bleed, redness, soreness, flaky skin or scabs forming in the area. This can also happen due to friction of a cloth or an ill fitting bra and maybe also an allergic reaction to a laundry detergent or soap/ shampoo/ lotion. During pregnancy the glands around the nipple area secrete a natural oil that lubricates and discourages bacteria. So, while washing be careful to only use clean water so as to not wash away this natural protection. Infact you could try warm compression. Place a clean washcloth that has been wet in warm water and place it on your nipples for a few minutes. After that remove and gently pat it dry. You can also dip your nipples or clean them with saline water. Make sure to pat them dry.

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I suggest you moms co oil with different essential oils and vitamins which helps to keep the skin moisturized and reduce the dryness and keep the skin healthy

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Use Mama earth nipple butter( it is safe if baby consumes some of it while sucking also)... It is available on firstcry

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Use nipcare it is very useful n safe for baby also

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