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    Top 20 Inspiring Thoughts of the Day for Children

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    Top 20 Inspiring Thoughts of the Day for Children

    Updated on 1 November 2022

    Here are some thoughts of the day for children:

    1. Wish yourself a good morning today, and life shall greet you back.

    This thought of the day is meant to explain to your child the importance of life and its role. It means that your child's happiness lies in their own hands, and life is nothing but a mere reflection of their actions.

    2. Life is like a journal where you can write your own story.

    A journal is a space where you can draw and write whatever you want. Just like that, the destiny of your life lies in your hand.

    3.Forget yesterday; tomorrow shall soon be your today.

    This is another positive thought of the day for kids in school. It teaches the children not to dwell too much on the past but look up to the future.

    4.“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”- Albert Einstein.

    Here is a famous quote from Albert Einstein. This quote motivates your child to use their free will and creative licence the way they want. It tells your child that the world is their canvas.

    5.The only difference between failure and success can be one more try.

    This thought of the day for kids tells them the importance of trying and never losing hope.

    6.Opportunities are not delivery boys that knock on the door.

    Children might be used to getting whatever they want to be delivered right to their doorstep. However, this quote says that opportunities are only presented to people looking for them.

    7.You may either pick up the burger or the banana when you open the fridge. Choose wisely.

    This might seem like a simple quote with a task attached to it. However, it teaches your child that they have the power to choose based on the choice. They will have repercussions or impacts later.

    8.If everyone pulls a spoon of rice from their plate, it could feed another person.

    This thought of the day helps your child understand the concept of sharing and helping the poor.

    9.To change the world, you don't always need money; your knowledge and education can change it.

    Money can buy the school's infrastructure, but not the knowledge teachers can give the students. For a good school, the value of teachers is higher than a fancy soap dispenser in the washroom.

    10. It's good to raise questions; it shows your cognition.

    Asking more questions intrigues your child to know more and more.

    11. Don't wait for miracles; work hard to bring change.

    This happy thought of the day motivates your child to stop waiting for everything to fall into the right place and work towards it.

    12. Keep on putting little but consistent efforts to climb the ladder of success.

    Achieving success is not a task that is either complete or incomplete. Teach your child to celebrate every victory they have. For them, remembering the table of 12 might be difficult, but the periodic table can be a piece of cake. This doesn't mean that they are not successful. Success can only be achieved in small steps.

    13.Tomorrow lies in the way you see and mould your today.

    Every action is counted. What your child does today will reap tomorrow. For instance, if your child wishes to play a cricket match tomorrow, it can only be possible if they complete their homework today.

    14.The destination is not the end, as the journey is about the constant and continuous courageous steps taken to reach there.

    This thought of the day is made to motivate your child to do better each day.

    15.If you desire to achieve results, say no to unhelpful habits.

    Having leisure activities is different from having habits that come in the way of your results.

    16.Don't give up learning; it is a continuous process. Each day has something new to teach.

    This thought helps build curiosity in your child and makes them look for something new every day.

    17.The only powerful weapon is education that can cut ignorance.

    This positive thought of the day helps your child understand the importance of education and its role in their life.

    18.Collective goals will lead you to the apex of success.

    Making a collection of short goals and celebrating their achievements will make your child's success brighter.

    19.Adding different people to make the team is multiplying intelligence.

    To crack a problem, you need to come up with different solutions. This is where a diverse team comes in handy.

    20.Oh, I am sorry, but did you laugh today?

    This funny thought of the day will crack up your child. But this is the intention. This helps them understand how precious their laugh is.


    It is a great idea to put up a thought for the day for your kids to read every day. This is a great way to give them a head start for the day. Discussing and helping them understand the thought makes them more open to communication. Meanwhile, this also allows you to talk to your child and instil good habits in them.

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