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    Baby Moon

     The perfect babymoon packing list for a memorable couple experience  

    Written on 14 August 2018

    Before you start packing for your babymoon there are some hard truths to digest first: For a very long time to come, this trip is probably going to be your last where you will be the sole focus of your partner, the last trip where both of you will be able to give each other 100% of your attention and most importantly the last trip before you start a new era of your life. Keeping that in mind you want this ‘babymoon’ to absolutely rock both of your worlds and be an experience of a lifetime. You don’t want such an experience to be spoiled by anything as trivial as packing the wrong things for your vacation.

    Keeping that in mind here are a few tips to pack for a memorable ‘babymoon’ ever:

    1. Choose a relaxing destination and even more relaxing way to get there-

    There are vacations that are purely adventure-seeking and exploring the local attractions and then there are vacations where you go for rest and relaxation. A babymoon should be somewhere the couple can relax and enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company; this isn’t really the time to start marking things off your bucket list. Choosing a relaxing destination isn’t enough; reaching that destination shouldn’t be a strenuous effort, an ideal babymoon won’t require you to travel halfway around the world and have multiple layovers.

    1. Make a comprehensive list of sundry items you need

    Good organizational skills will prevent you from a lot of misery and money on your vacation. Remember babymoon is a trip to relax and enjoy, don't spoil your vacation fun because of trivial things. Make a list of everything you need from Sunscreen to insect repellents to any prenatal vitamins, and medication you regularly take.

    1. Choose Sensible clothes according to your destination

    Pregnant women should choose loose-fitting and light clothing that doesn't put too much pressure on the body, pregnant women are also more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and blood circulation problems. Multiple layers for cold destinations and light, and easy to remove clothing for hot destinations. You should prefer comfortable shoes as your feet may swell up, compression socks or stockings also help maintain blood flow in your feet.

    1. Pack light for maximum enjoyment

    While packing that extra pair of shoes and that expensive moisturizer is important in its own right. Ensure that you pack your luggage lightly in order to truly enjoy a care free babymoon and not get bogged down trying to move heavy suitcases from one place to another.

    1. Essential documents

    Documents related to your medical insurance and travel insurance, if you buy any travel insurance, emergency contact details, documents related to your pregnancy, and a letter from your doctor permitting you to travel by air. If your destination requires you to carry any specific documents like vaccine registrations, your medical history regarding a particular disease ensures that you carry them.

    Spending a few hours planning and preparing for your babymoon will give you years of excellent memories.

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