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Hello everyone..guys tell me one thing can i eat sweet corn in pregnancy?? it ok or not ?? This is my 5th month


Yes you can

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Ofcourse you can eat

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You can eat it. It is quite nutritious and has vitamin C, B1, B5, dietary fibre and magnesium. It helps in relieving constipation. It contains folic acid which lowers the risk of neonatal defects. It is good for the eyesight of the foetus. It has antioxidants which are helpful in preventing various types of cancer. It also reduces the risk of tumours and boosts immunity. It is also said to increase good cholesterol. Excess consumption is obviously not advisable as it has too many fatty acids which can put pregnant women at the risk of heart ailments. Some pregnant women may suffer indigestion after eating corn. Just keep a few things in mind that consume corn within a few days of buying it. Try not to remove the husk to retain the freshness. Store it in a refrigerator in an airtight container. Eat fresh corn instead of eating canned or frozen corn. Also try and avoid sprinkling artificial sweeteners on the corn kernels. You can eat it steamed, boiled or grilled as you like it.

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