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Hello ...jst want to knw my baby boy 3month 25 days old on his neck he is having white patches spot is it worried... Nd can u plz tell me how to cure..


Could you plz share the pic of patches.

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Vit d dere ho na ??

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@Kumkum4 haa roj detti hu

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Can u tell me why is it happen

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Some children do get white patches, it could be due to a condition called Pityriasis Alba which is similar to a mild form of eczema and more common in children with dry skin. The patches are dry with very fine scales. They don't darken with sun exposure the way the surrounding skin does. Try and lubricate it with a good moisturiser. Eventually the spots will end up on their own although it may take months to years. Some children get it every summer during childhood. Even then the pigmentation will end up eventually normal. You should also show it to your baby's doctor just to be sure of what they have to say.

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Hi my baby too have it what treatment u underwent for this plz share

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