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7 months ago

Asked when Mother of 15 Days Old Baby

Q: Meri c-section se delivery hui hai mujhe kya khana chaiye or kya nahi

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Mother of 1 Year Old Baby
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A: Aaap 2 month Tak ghee nd oily cheej bilkun b Mt khna nd daal khichdi aur daliya ..lauki sbji ysb kha skty ho....nd ajwin Pani peena...aur dry fruits k lddo bnwa lo bs rost krk graind krk ...ghee ka use Mt kena...nd helthy cheej khao...fruits ,paneer ysb...... See more
Mother of 8 Months Old Baby
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A: Boiled Moong daal, daliya khaye, ghee or chiknayi one month tak mat khana, apne khane m laal Mirch ka istemal mat karna, roast kiye hue makhane lekin unhe ghee m roast mat karna, badaam, papaya, apple, chiku, milk m patti lagake pina ... See more

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