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Nursing Products

You are soon going to be a mom. The excitement seems no bounds but the same is for nervousness. As you prepare for the delivery it is always advisable to check for the nursing products that are all to be needed. Your list must have baby feeding products, but it would be incomplete if you forget to mention about nursing products for moms. The top breastfeeding accessories include a nursing bra, nursing pad and a breastfeeding pillow for best of comfort and convenience. For baby nursing products consider having numerous dress changes, diapers and a burp cloth. For more ideas and to rule out the chance to miss anything try searching nursing products online.

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Buy Nursing Products at Mylo 

As you receive the good news, it’s only natural to search for nursing products to ensure you have a healthy and safe pregnancy.  


Buy Nursing Products Online 

Shop from a range of nursing products available to support your baby during and post-pregnancy.  


Why buy Nursing Products from Mylo? 

Get the must-haves nursing products from Mylo, as we pick the right products based on independent research and after suggestions from our community of parents.  


Mylo Nursing Products 

MAKE BREASTFEEDING CONVENIENT: Mylo nursing products help to make breastfeeding convenient for the mother & her baby as the mother can breastfeed at any place with the easy access maternity bras. 

INCREASE NEW MOM’S COMFORT: Mylo Nursing Products help to increase the new mom’s comfort as they help her get into a comfortable position with the pregnancy/nursing pillow while breastfeeding. It helps to elevate the baby & makes latching easier. 

SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Made with soft & breathable fabric, the nursing bras, breast pads & extenders help to accommodate the breasts as their size changes during pregnancy & post-delivery. 

PREVENT LEAKAGE: Mylo nursing products help to prevent breast leakage by absorbing excess breastmilk & this also prevents the mother’s clothes from getting stained. 

MAKES PUMPING EASIER: Mylo Nursing Products such as manual breast pump help to make pumping & storing milk easier so that babies can be fed breastmilk even in the absence of the mother. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What are some must have nursing products?

Ans: Some of the must haves include nipple cream and lotion, breast pump, milk storage and nursing cover.

Ques: What goes in a nursing basket?

Ans: A nursing basket will have burp clothes, water bottle, healthy snacks, cooling/heating pads and breast pads.

Ques: What all should be kept in a mother’s room?

Ans:A designated room for mothers should have a comfy chair & footstool, quick access to appliances, and yes, a way to entertain themselves.