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Post Pregnancy Belt

A woman’s body tends to lose its shape, especially around the belly, after pregnancy. The best way to deal with a sagging tummy is by wearing a post pregnancy belt. A post delivery belt helps to tighten the tummy, deal with sagged skin and provide support to the back. Wearing an after pregnancy belt can be quite useful after c-section delivery as it may reduce firmness and pain. Additionally, a post delivery belt helps to trim tummy fat, provides mid-section support and improves body posture.

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Buy Post Pregnancy Belt at Mylo

Many women experience a sagging tummy and a shapeless body after childbirth. To prevent this from happening, women should invest in a post pregnancy belt. A post delivery belt helps to tighten the tummy, curb skin sagging and provide back support. Mylo’s post pregnancy belt can help you get rid of loose skin, trim the stubborn belly fat and improve body posture. Our after pregnancy belt is super comfortable, lightweight and comes with an easy-on adjustable Velcro design.


Buying Post Pregnancy Belt Online

We don’t expect you to go shopping for a post pregnancy belt right after you gave birth. So, why not buy an after delivery belt online? You can buy a post delivery belt from the Mylo website and app. Order an after pregnancy belt from the comfort of your couch and get it delivered to your doorstep. Yes, it’s that easy!


Why buy Post Pregnancy Belt from Mylo?

Mylo’s post pregnancy belt is carefully-curated for new moms to help tighten the tummy, relieve backaches and improve posture. Our after delivery belt comes with a wide elastic panel and can be worn beneath clothes. Additionally, Mylo’s post delivery belt comes with 3 flexible acrylic bones to provide back support and an easy-on adjustable hook and loop Velcro closure. Mylo’s after pregnancy belt is skin-friendly, soft to touch, and minimizes irritation or sweating.


Mylo Post Pregnancy Belt 


  • 4-IN-1 PREGNANCY BELT FOR WOMEN: Forget the worries of a post-pregnancy sagging belly with Mylo Post Pregnancy Belt. Designed to provide ultimate support post-delivery and C-section, the pregnancy belt works as back support, tummy compressor, body trimmer, and a recovery belt - all together; so you can cherish your motherhood without any worries. 


  • BACK SUPPORT ACRYLIC BONES FOR AN IMPROVED BODY POSTURE: Made with premium quality material, the Mylo post pregnancy belt is the perfect companion to restore and improve your body posture. Added with 3 flexible acrylic bones, the support belt balances and maintains your posture without causing any discomfort of movement or bending. 


  • FLEXI NYLON & ELASTIC WEBBING FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT: We know how your body transforms post-pregnancy and so we ensure that we assist you with all the comfort that you need. Designed ergonomically, the Mylo post pregnancy belt is made with flexi nylon material with elastic webbing assuring complete breathability, avoiding jabbing or stabbing to promote perfect body shaping. Worrying about belt discomfort and sweating? Not anymore! 


  • BODY TRIMMER & COMPRESSOR WITH ADJUSTABLE VELCRO: Mylo post pregnancy belt is made with a hook and loop velcro that ensures perfect adjustability and compression. Its broad velcro panel enables you to adjust the belt as per your size while also giving you ample space to adjust compression and tightening. Sleek and trimmed body shape? Not a far dream anymore! 


  • HYPOALLERGENIC & SKIN-FRIENDLY FOR VERSATILE USE: Suitable for both during and post pregnancy, Mylo post pregnancy belt is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Its natural and absorbent nylon material protects your sensitive skin from rashes, irritation and itching making it suitable for all skin types. Be it for walking, shopping, or office or even for when you are at home - you can simply put on the belt underneath your clothes and enjoy soothing belly comfort and support with utmost ease. 


Shop According to Suitability

Mylo has a post pregnancy belt for every woman, no matter her size. Mylo’s extensive range of after delivery belt boasts sizes ranging from Small to Extra Extra Large. And what’s more, you can buy a post delivery belt with Mylo at affordable prices too. So, are you ready to tone that tummy and say goodbye to backache with a Mylo after pregnancy belt?

Frequenty Asked Questions

Is post pregnancy belt useful?

Yes, a post pregnancy belt can be very useful for new moms struggling with sagging skin, backaches and poor body posture.

How long should I wear after pregnancy belt?

You can wear an after pregnancy belt for 2-4 months or depending on your needs.

Which belt is best after delivery?

A post pregnancy belt that offers compression, mid-section support, and size adjustability (like the Mylo after pregnancy belt) is the best belt for women after delivery

Does post pregnancy belt reduce tummy?

Yes, some post pregnancy belt can help tighten the tummy, curb the sagging belly and improve the body shape.

Can we wear after pregnancy belts while sleeping?

No, you should avoid wearing the after pregnancy belt when sleeping.